🌙🔥 An invitation to celebrate your amazing ness amidst the mess,…

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🌙🔥 An invitation to celebrate your amazing ness amidst the mess, this NYE; to celebrate all the ingenuity, love, courage and fire you’ve shown in 2020. Whatever that’s looked like. . I made this video two years ago after having a really frickin hard morning . And life is full of these times – times of feeling lost and confused… before re-finding clarity and reclaiming ones POWER. And that’s okay🌙. That is – in fact – what you came here for. . As the patriarchal structures dissolve and we create our beautiful new world – there’s going to be lots of times when you feel frightened or adrift. There will also be LOTS of times you bounce back, remember your magic, grow, gain clarity and flourish. Celebrate all of it. All of it is life. All of it is the magical mess you came here for. So this NYE – dance with your messy magic, my love. Long may it last. . #dance #fire #embodiment #celebration #NYE #somaticliving #youamazing #ifttt https://www.instagram.com/p/CJdyGz3BsWy/?igshid=pixgashi0wg4

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