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All is Well (#andbreathe)

Today I lead a mindfulness session at @rochdalecouncil ’s Childhood Obesity Summit and was struck by the level of stillness we dropped into, after just ten minutes meditating. The sun shone and the breeze blew and We. Were. Still.

This is healing, my friends. In a world when we rush and do and ‘future trip’ so much of the time, coming into stillness – even for a moment – is a gift to us and the world. It’s a way to reassure our minds and nervous systems that everything really is okay. Yes there may be movement all around, yes my to-do list may be full, but in this Now I can breathe and be still and notice I Am Here. Simply. Being. And that everything’s okay. Yes, sweet one. In this very moment, everything really is okay #andbreathe .



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