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After three days of solitude, I’m sinking into The Now in a way…

After three days of solitude, I’m sinking into The Now in a way I haven’t done for months. Saying a deep hello to myself moment by moment by moment. I’ve seen anger and fear and love in gushes like ocean waves and am ready for more. . Today, as the sun shines, I feel blessed to be alive. Wandering around Walsingham – the ancient pilgrimage town – I soak in the stillness and observe the dozens (and dozens) of gown-clad nuns and priest with joy. . Delighted to be spreading my wings in all the ways my heart guides, delighted to be a lightworker on our planet at this time; to be combing acting and creativity with spirituality, meditation and teaching. Honoured to be crafting my unique path . One . Day . At . A . Time . Sometimes – when we get still so that mental and physical blocks dissolve – what we’re left with is joy. Love. That which we are. Nothing else really, truly exists. Love is the definitive positive emotion and the word positive literally means to exists. Positive numbers are the one that have any substance, and so it is with emotion and vibration. . #beautifullife #joy #presence #gratitude #apprecation #selflove #love #lightworker #spiritjunkie #mindfulness #meditation #thepowerofnow #hereandnow #wellness #elliepaskellmindfulnessteacher #mindfulnesscoach #meditationteacher #spiritualguide #alliswell #mindful-living #acim #onlylovingthoughtisreal #ichoosehappiness #ifttt (at Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham)

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