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Acting + Mindfulness = Awesome

Yup, we’re mixing things up and combining two most wondrous things to make magic; those things being performance technique and mindfulness (‘we’ being Daniel Bradford of @playwithfiremcr and @hopestudiosmcr and I).

Truth is, much of acting is essentially mindfulness practice. When we endeavour to keep our attention on our scene partner (for that’s where the inspiration is… ); when we intend to release thoughts that say ‘what’s my line what’s my line (?!!) do I look okay? AM I FEELING ENOUGH?!’ and to Come. Back. To. The. Moment… to let go and allow a scene to unfold… this is us practicing mindfulness.

And it’s this, combined with mindfulness’ capacity to help us with performance nerves, vocal clarity and many (many) other elements of acting, which makes for a combination that’s wondrous.

So we’re combining these techniques with our own wonder and making awesomeness.

If you’re a performer (or not) and would like to bring some mindfulness into your life, I invite you to turn your attention to your breath. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves. To be perfectionist or blaming for something that isn’t ‘going right’. But here’s the thing – all is well honey, and you’re doing your best. Standing on stage/in front of a camera (or anywhere in life) can feel pressurised and it’s a whole lot easier when we breathe, re-group and allow ourselves to be how we are. Human.

Breathe sweetheart; just breathe.

Notice that you’re breathing. That you’re inhaling and exhaling… that you feel things and worry and have joy, pain and delight. Let yourself be all that you are in this Now and bring your attention to your breath. The breath will always be here; always a companion you can use to bring yourself back to the moment, where you can allow yourself to know it’s okay. For all really, really is okay.



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