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A voice cracking, face scrunching, lyric-wronging…

A voice cracking, face scrunching, lyric-wronging rendition. . This was day 16 of my Instagram 30 Day Truth Quest ‘30 Days of Red’ in which I’m coming on live video to show the parts of myself my head says shouldn’t be seen. . What’s with me putting myself out there in this way? While my perfectionist gremlin wriggles and pouts and SCREAMS ‘NOOOOO!’ ? . Well, my loving intuition is guiding me to. What’s the worst that can happen? She asks, kindly. Bring it all into the light, Ellie. Let it be seen. This is you. Release the fear of rejection. The only one who can truly reject you is yourself and this is a bold, brilliant, silly, multicoloured step towards greater self love. The gesture is the main thing; the intention; the honouring of the ‘I WILL DO ANYTHING TO ACCEPT MYSELF MORE WHOLE HEARTEDLY’ roaring in my gut. This is what this is about. . #selflove #allowing #30daysoftruth #30daysofred #allofme #perfectlyimperfect #singing #flying #freedom #alliswell #integrity #shadowwork #spiritjunkie #ibelieveinmiracles (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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