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A #song my loves. This piece of music came to me (via Youtube)…

A #song my loves. This piece of music came to me (via Youtube) (thanks YouTube) this week when I was wondering HOW a situation in my life would be resolved. Or – more accurately – wondering what I WAS GOING TO DO to fix it (hello #typeapersonality) . As I sat with my dear self, feeling sadness, this song (by the awesome @beautifulchorus ) came on. . Ahhhhhh sang my soul as cells relaxed and breath shuddered my veins. That’s it. I can let go. I can trust. I can remember that when I release control; when I breathe and flow and trust the process… things are all. Always. Okay. That when I let go – literally – situations are able to un-knot themselves. They will resolve, with ease, in ways I’ve never even thought of. . All things are one angel. When you support yourself to relax – in whatever ways work best for you – your para sympathetic nervous system comes online and what’s happening in your body fundamentally changes. Jaws unclench, heart beats slow, hands soften… you become closer to water and less like concrete. . All things are one – so when you invite this flow experience into your body – the world around you unfurls also. And things unwind and . Fall . Into . Place. . I promise. Trust sweetheart. You don’t have to do it all. You are safe. Let go. I love you. . What helps you flow and release angel? What coaxes your body to trust? What feels secure to you, or soothing, or like water? Being near a lake? Toe massage with lashings of oil? Gentle yoga? Melted chocolate? Fluffy cats or wild wind through your hair? . Find what feels good, angel. Find the space your body craves and watch magic happen in your life. One breath at a time. . #release #somatics #embodiedliving #somaticsoulcoach #somaticlifecoach #embodimemtcoach #selflove #gentleness #womenswellness #healing #trust #alliswell #water #beautifulchorus #singing #ifttt

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