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You. Are. Magical. And it’s your birthright to experience that….

You. Are. Magical. And it’s your birthright to experience that. Yes – in the midst of all that’s alive in the world. Yes – no matter how together or upside down life feels. . This summer solstice weekend – as the light flows and planets turn – open to your magic. We go live for Self Love Sundays tomorrow, lovely, and if you’re not yet part of the Self Love Sundays community – sign up via the link in my insta bio. You’re so welcome. At that link – – you can gain access without charge (!) (I know!). . We go live tomorrow – Sunday 21st June, 3:45pm UK Time / 10:45am EST / 7:45am Pacific. . This month, we will step into the topic of: .
 Self Love for Peace and Delight . . Maybe you’re feeling like you need soothing as the world continues to turn as it does. . Maybe you’re feeling you need an opening to anger to finally (FINALLY) find truth and peace in your body. .
 It can be challenging and disorientating – what’s going happening in the world. Of course it can. And if you’ve been experiencing fear or rage about race inequality – I honour that. Thank you for being here, thank you for feeling. Thank you for helping bring another crucial piece to our world at this time.
 . Maybe you’re looking at this month’s topic thinking: “Delight?! Delight??!! As all of everything’s happening with covid and Black Lives Matter!??” .
 Yes!!! I say. . This chaos is arising because we are remaking our world. At this time it’s a public service for you to align with what feels good. .
 Doing so aligns you with the knowings that are needed to create our new world. .
 In this month’s Self Love Sundays session you’ll be supported to: . ~Slow down ~Honour yourself ~Open to peace ~Find the power, vitality and clarity that comes when you: ~Open to delight . Can’t wait to see you. . Sign up link in Insta bio. . Ellie 🌳🌳🌳 .

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