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🌳🌊💥What’s your relationship to your anger, my love?💥🌊🌳 . Do you…

🌳🌊💥What’s your relationship to your anger, my love?💥🌊🌳 . Do you know how it voices your cells, wobbles your belly or ignites your spine? . Today has been a rageful day, for me. . This anger has been bubbling in me – off and on – ever since my somatic, energetic awakening in 2012. Before that – I hardly knew what anger felt like. Except for the occasional flash in the pan. . My anger – being able to feel it – is one of the biggest gifts I’ve gotten. It’s deeply healing on a vibrational level. Exquisitely so when I can feel Goddess Rage whirling through me and let go of my mind’s story about it. Anger revitalises my cells and brings pieces of my soul home. . Feeling this is vital work. For my body, for the planet; . Collectively we don’t know how to be with anger. . It’s been vilanised and suppressed on a mass scale. But anger doesn’t go away when pushed down – it comes out sideways; creating internal illness, fatigue or externalising into war. It’s time to learn to feel it; without projecting it outward or numbing out down. . And so – on days like today – I cradle myself with this rage as beast I can. It’s sacred and sometimes frightening, to me. It’s this who I am? No – it’s an energy moving through. With a message. . Largely- it’s not mine. It’s ancestral. It’s from past lives. It’s the collective rage of a sex who’ve lived subservient lives for a very long time. At its essence – it’s simply powerful energy I’ve pushed away for millenia. . My essence is pure flowing power. Energy. Everyone’s is. You are powerful beyond measure, angel. Made of stars and moon gravitas, ocean and sky. There’s nothing you can’t do. Your mind is yet to grasp your capacity or majesty. May this post bring you a whisker closer. . I love you. . Go gently. . With fire. . #welcomingemotion #welcominganger #rewilding #joy #somaticliving #embodiedleadership #radicalhealing #lifecoach #transformationalcoaching #somaticsoulcoach #somaticlifecoach #somaticcoaching #trueyou #yourintegrity #yourpower #yourflow #wellness #womenswellness #selflove #earthmomma #spiritjunkie #ifttt #radicalsomatics #embodiment #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #healing #awakeningbody

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