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Seeing What Is

#mindfulness of nature ☺️… one of the loveliest affects of my mindfulness practice is appreciation. Appreciation, that is, of anything and everything that’s happening right now; noticing what’s in my environment, the people in it, my own emotions with their power and pulsing and varying waves. This isn’t to say I’m bathed in gratitude all day long. But by being present to my moment to moment experience (which is what it means to be mindful (#simples, right?) ✨) I’m present to what is… and when I’m present to what is, I can appreciate it.

This may sound too easy to be true, but the power of living within the present moment – as opposed to being lost in thought about the past or the future- is revolutionary. Being Here and Now is a transformational experience for the mind, body and nervous system and it changes lives.

If you’d like to practice some mindfulness, you can find guided meditations by following the YouTube link on my website ( ). Or find me directly on YouTube at Ellie Paskell Mindfulness.



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