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I wonder how you’ve been, this past month, Dear One, and how…

I wonder how you’ve been, this past month, Dear One, and how you’re flowing with the whizzing, gripping, ‘what’s gonner happen next’ nature of our world?  Have you had enough of the word ‘uncertainty’? Are you done with it in your body and ready for some solid ground, soothing sounds and a cup o’ tea? The great news is that I’m opening a portal to calm, this Sunday, and you’re invited. It’s time for the part of you that’s facing instability to be held, with deep kindness and the part of you that knows that Truly All Is Well to have space to dance! 

Whatever’s alive with you – you’ve got this. I see you. You are strong, vulnerable, wise and magic and the universe has got your back. 

This Sunday, I’m holding a session in which you’ll be supported to: 

~Be present with your experience of uncertainty, with deep kindness ~Journey, somatically, with the feelings of being out of control ~Discover the magic within these ~Find your centre and stability ~Receive soothing, rejuvenating guidance from your Transition Guides ~Open to clarity and trust

We are in the midst of the Great Unravelling; when our unbalanced world is finding balance. And this means change. This means shift like never before. This means (as ever) that what you’re feeling is exactly right. Whether you’re dancing with delight that ‘yesss we’re finally releasing the old and birthing the new world’ or you’re awash with anxiety, it all gets to be here. You are loved and welcomed exactly as you are.

If you’ve not yet registered for my monthly Self Love Sundays sessions – you can do so for free by clicking the link in my Insta bio or going to

This Sunday’s session:  3:45pm Uk time, 10:45am NYC time 7:45 am LA –  and there’s a replay. Registration is without charge and I welcome your donations.

See you tomorrow!

Ellie <3. 

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