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A Song for Embodiment! Breathe, Release & Follow What Feels Good

Hello Dear One, I wonder how you are in this moment and invite you to take a breath with what you feel.

Is it hot, cold, windy or calm where you are? As I’ve continued on my journey to sacred sites this summer, I’ve travelled from Oxfordshire to Cambridgeshire and have landed, now, at the beach in Yorkshire where there's sun, breeze and sea.


It’s lovely to connect with you through the ether and I'm excited to share my latest video with you, today. Sometimes it's easiest for me to express myself by singing a song, so that's what I did in this magical, 700 year old church in Oxfordshire!

The lyrics I sing ‘your body knows like a river flows’ shiver my timbers and I hope they support the wild, wing-spreading parts of you to take space. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Many thanks to MaMuse for their song Soul Sister, which I sing in this broadcast.

Being in St Mary the Virgin church in Cropredy gave me a strong sense of my Granny. She, like so many of us, was confined in her body - unable to flow or dance or express much of what she felt. Having travelled from Germany to the U.K. after the war; having been uprooted by WWII trauma, I can only imagine how she felt but she adopted the British stiff upper lip, carried on and focussed on living well. When I think of her I feel a bolt across my chest; I’m reminded of the silent despair I felt for much of my life because of keeping parts of myself pushed down. Migraines, tooth aches chronic fatigue grew from the voice of my silenced parts. I believed I had to keep up appearances, be successful and make people happy but the wild, joy focussed parts of me were too strong and found their voice, thank Goddess, in my early 20s. Every sensation in your body shares a part of who you are and, so, I invite you to honour what you feel today. May you soften your spine, flow your soul and support you to root into love. And if you're new to my mailing list and would like to discover how my journeying to the sacred sites began, you can click here to view my video, explaining it all! With love,

Ellie Paskell

Somatic Soul Coach™

Mindfulness based pain & stress management teacher Creative


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