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I see that I look tired and sad in this pic. So I’m posting it…

I see that I look tired and sad in this pic. So I’m posting it as it depicts the path I walk today. . The one where I’m letting go. Skin-shedding. Stepping deeper into truth – much as I can. Doing so kicking and screaming (sometimes!). This is a path that feels like I’m naked in the world; my flaws right here to see. So I can not control or prevent rejection anymore. (Anymore than I could before) (ha). (Difference being that I THOUGHT I could control it). . It’s a path where my head doesn’t know what the frig is going on; she’s grasping for all she knew; while Universal Wilds spin their magic in my midst. . So I surrender – again – to the fact that I . Just . Don’t . Know . (Anything). . I am scared and strong, beautiful, plain and amazing. I am vulnerable, loud, living & soft. My skin feels. Ears hear. Heart beats & loves fiercely & my head . Does . Not . Know . (Anything). . She doesn’t know what will happen or where I’ll end up or what my path is. . I’ve so many ideas. So much love. So much action and stillness. Tension and release. . I am here. . Being Ellie. . Loving you fiercely – you unknown Insta-Reading-Stranger. . Because when I let go of the ‘certain’ ‘I am’, ‘I do’, I’m going’ thoughts… what I’m left with is love. Those beings I see around me. The magically moving, animated, breathing matter that is humans. You there – seeing, smelling, feeling, thinking. I love you. Everything I do effects you. Everything you do effects this world and so effects me. It can be no other way. And so I ask – please let me love. Please let me love others and let me love myself. Let me forgive. Let me drop, heart first, into the silver pool of presence that is my birthright. To know it and, so, the fizzy presence of all cells around. Here you are. Here I am. Not knowing but undeniably Being. Let me see your light. Let me love you and so love myself. . And in moments like this – when I remember that this is my purpose on Earth; everything is beautiful. Everything is a miracle. Thank you for being part of that. . #releasing #lionsgate #alliswell #lifeisbeautiful #iloveyou #presence #lettinggo #rewilding #acim #spiritjunkie #loveistheanswer #ifttt (at Forest Row Sussex)

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