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An invitation to let go, zone in and hear what you need. To take…

An invitation to let go, zone in and hear what you need. To take time for your wellbeing. . Sunday 27th May, 1:30 – 4:30pm, Creative Calm Yoga Prestwich, Manchester . During the afternoon I‘ll guide you through relaxed mindfulness techniques as a way of finding clarity and showering ourselves with kindness. Techniques which, should you wish, you can take away to keep finding clarity at home. . Being in touch with our truth is the root of wellbeing. So, taking time to hear what this is, is a vital act of self care. . And, so, I extend a warm invitation to you to join this mindfulness afternoon for women*. . To book, click the link in my bio. . Many of us are called to live from a place of authenticity, at this time. To let go of assumptions and do what feels truly good for us. We want freedom, peace and joy. Living any other way is draining. . But a matrix of ‘should’s’ often runs the show, so to-do lists and schedules might be put first. Perhaps that resonates. Perhaps you feel bottled up and want release. Maybe there’s confusion around what you want because you’re used to prioritising others’ needs. But we must nourish ourselves in order to have anything to give. . Mindfulness practices are ancient tools that change lives. Using them means falling into the present moment and naturally connecting to our real selves. . During the afternoon, we’ll offer ourselves the sort of kindness we’d show a friend. So that our true knowings can feel safe enough to be seen. . *Inclusive of trans women and those who identify as women. . A bit about me, Ellie Paskell: . The past ten years have seen me walk a remarkable path; spending thousands of hours in stillness, listening to my body and being guided to step into my truth in order to heal. Mindfulness has been a central tool in this process; helping me to find inner power and deep healing. Meditation now forms the core of my life and I’m so happy to share these transformative tools with others. . Further information can be found on my website: .

(at Creative Calm Yoga Studio)

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