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About Mindfulness

Mindfulness tools are incredible; simple, powerful and transformative. Having been practicing for over a decade, mindfulness meditation is a central part of my life and influences all I do. Whether you're coaching with me one to one, or enjoying a group-session, what you're receiving is grounded in meditative practice.
My training as a Mindfulness Based Pain Management teacher means the guidance I bring is strong and multi layered in its capacity to bring peace, wellness and relief. 
If you want a way to re-find your vitality, clarity and health; are looking for new ways to work with stress and watch the colour be re-breathed into your business/life? Try mindfulness, my friend. It rocks. 
What does it mean to be mindful?
When we're being mindful we are:
Bringing awareness to what is happening - in and outside of ourselves - in the present moment. ​​​​

Mindfulness has been shown to be more powerful than the strongest pain medication and the benefits of coming into the present moment are immeasurable.

When challenges arise, whether in the form of stress, illness, pain or strong emotions, mindfulness can bring perspective and calm. The tools can be used whenever they're needed and are simple and powerful.


The only prerequisite for learning them is a willingness to do so.​ 

​How do I do it?

We can practice while going about our daily activities or in a structured window of time. These more structure periods of mindfulness are called meditation and are usually done in a static, comfortable position.

Who uses mindfulness?

  • Doctors and health professionals are welcoming Mindfulness Based Pain Management as a strong addition to traditional healthcare.

  • Athletes and sports players practice mindfulness to hone their performance.

  • Businesses are introducing it to boost well-being in the workplace.

I first discovered meditation while attending an acting class which included it in the training. Immediately, clarity and self-awareness began to filter into my world and mindfulness became a daily practice.


Back then, my life felt both exciting and insecure, and I was at the end of my tether with stress. When would things become easy? When would I stop trying to prove myself and appreciate what I had? Something inside knew the answer wasn’t in ‘working harder’ on external things so I continued to meditate and watched life transform from the inside out.


In 2013, enthralled by how much the techniques were helping, I went to Thailand to practice mindfulness intensively and, fourteen months later I returned to England to set up my teaching practice. Today I feel honoured to be passing on these powerful tools.

My journey has made me highly skilled in using mindfulness to manage stress and emotional challenges. Committed, as ever, to my ongoing professional development, I've also trained with Breathworks - one of the U.K.’s leading mindfulness organisations - as a Mindfulness Based Pain Management teacher.

My Journey with Mindfulness

Weekly Class

Heading 4

Lovely leafviktor-forgacs-1145418-unspla

Mindfulness practice

brings powerful ways to work with stress,

new ways to increase clarity, focus, health and general life awesomeness. 

A certified mindfulness teacher, I love teaching these life-changing techniques to others and do so in a  variety of settings.  

""I feel like a different person when I come out of Ellie's class... it's like I've had a massage!


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