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You (yes you) are doing…

You (yes you) are doing wonderful, . Amazing . Breathtaking-ly. . The world may feel upside down, right now. If that’s true for you – please give yourself a pat on the back, a deep breath and a moment (or many) of self appreciation for feeling and . Being . Here . Experiencing life at this WILD time on Earth. . My friends who know about planetary shifts and moon cycles 🌓 🚲 are sharing the intense-happenings that are going down, at this time. I believe them, but my knowing doesn’t come from charts or the sky. But from my inner belly that’s like . ‘WHAAAAAAAT IS GOING ON?!’ We already let THAT go – released THAT layer – surrendered THAT thing we were so attached to (insert ‘relationship’ ‘job’ ‘career’ ‘idea of self’ here) and now you’re asking me to LET THAT GO too?!’ . Yeah, she’s not so happy, that mind of mine. Seems so many of my ‘core things’ are coming up for cleansing and it . HURTS! . And, you know what? It’s beautiful. Miraculous. Here I am, sitting in the middle of it all. Seeing my thoughts, feeling my feelings (sounds cliched, but the other option is numb-vile and I’m so over that)… . I’m here, feeling the tummy buzzing, leg twitching energy humming inside, as my mind grapples with what’s left of the one she called ‘Ellie’ and I’m… here. Knowing it will pass. Feeling fear and connecting with friends. Feeling love and enjoying the sunshine. Feeling shame and meeting with my study-group. Here. Living. Breathing. Miraculous human. . Then I popped on Insta and saw the @the_numinous post which reminded me that I’m not alone and the . GRATITUDE I feel for that reminder . Mmmmmmmm. . So I popped over to my own Insta page and wrote a post (this post) to let you know it’s all ok, too. . Yes the world seems crazy. . Yes you may have more doubts or feelings than ever . (EVER) and . AND . It’s all okay. You’re doing wonderfully. You are miraculous. That glistening one with heart and lungs and feet and soul and eyes that shine when you remember what you love. . How . Magical . You . Are. . How complete, awe inspiring and perfect at this moment. . Thank you for being – awesome one. . Aho x. (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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