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This post is filled with love and kindness for you and I invite…

This post is filled with love and kindness for you and I invite you to take a breath with that; to breathe in the goodness the universe is sending. She loves you, you know. She wants you to have all you desire and, this Sunday – should you so choose – you get to experience that.  . As 2021 has crept closer and closer these past weeks, my body’s been showing me the secrets of embodied receiving. And I’m excited to share them with you.  . She’s shown me what it is to  . Let Go  . On a deep, somatic level and feel the love of the universe pouring in.  . Just as the trees, the seasons and the tides ebb and flow; so must you.   . Your body is literally magnetic and – when given space – draws towards her the most delicious magic. . So let’s let that happen! . Tomorrow is my live, online Self Love Sundays session which will support you to receive the goodness you’re needing in a magical, embodied way . If you’re not yet part of the Self Love Sundays community, you can sign up without charge by clicking the link in my insta’ bio or going here: . #selflovesundays #selflove #selfkindness #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #meditation #embodiment #onlinewellnessevent #calmincovid #yin #receive #radicalreceiving #ifttt #embodiedreceiving

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