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This month saw me take a trip to the sacred land of Avalon and…

This month saw me take a trip to the sacred land of Avalon and to a woodland retreat with a group of sisters.

This was a beautiful and edgy experience. When I come into contact with lots of humans, my self love rises up to cradle me and it can be tested. My mind wonders: ‘can I stay true to myself when embracing tribe?’ At a young age, I learned to fit in by pleasing others and that this meant disconnecting from myself. In order to blend with our fear based world, I betrayed my soul; speaking out of alignment; pushing, striving, proving… until, in twenties, my body started to shut down.

This was a gift.

My body never forgot how to live my truth but was simply biding her time before guiding me back there. And her shutting down was the opening to that guidance. Now she reminds me of the DELICIOUSNESS of connecting, reverently to myself and then connecting with others. And, still, this weekend with the women was challenging. I watched my mind worrying ‘what will people THINK if I’m not constantly being Chatty Ellie?’ But, nevertheless, I took space when I needed; I asked for help; shared my quiet and ground shaking truths and danced with joy.

And, at the end of the three days, a number of women told me how nourished they’d been by watching my way of being. My body communicates via the language of sensation and this language flows at a different frequency to that of words. So, when there was discussion, I would often sit, breathing with my energy or holding my belly. I hadn’t realised it had been a tonic for others. But, of course, it was. Self love is the key; for your joy, health and peace.And for that of others. At this pinnacle time on Earth, it’s time to let your being BE! Radical acceptance; bring it on. You don’t need to be anyplace other than where you are.

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