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Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Aromatherapy practitioners use lavender oil to ease anxiety, and for wondrous reason. For me, it’s a smell as comforting as a cuppa… and simply taking the time to inhale it is an act of self-care. So when I pass growing lavender, I love to give it a lil’ squeeze and sniff the oil it yields. Doing so is a gift to me (from me) which says ‘I’ll take this moment to do something soothing, sweet one’. #andbreathe

Ten years ago, I didn’t do things like this. But life’s taught me the importance of gentleness and practicing mindfulness has been a big part that. Going one moment at a time and treating myself with kindness has been life changing.

Maybe lavender isn’t your thing, perhaps it’s smelling a fresh, bright rose or pausing to savour the big ol’ yellow daisy bouncing on its stem. But, in any case, it’s the taking a moment to get present that does it; to notice our environment and that we’re a wondrous human inside of it. This is what reminds us we’re safe in our own hands. ‘I can take care if you’ (you say) ‘you wondrous being with senses and feelings and a life in this world that’s so busy it makes your head spin… so right now, I’ll breathe. Right now, I’ll pause. Right now I’ll notice this beauty.’

I invite you to take a moment like this, if and when you feel like it. Smell the flowers, nod at the green grass or let your cheeks drink in the sun for one more second than ususal. Notice it, notice how you feel, then go on with your day.



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