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Noticing my inner bully present, as I feel a little fear and do…

Noticing my inner bully present, as I feel a little fear and do it anyway. Here’s a playful photo of me which my inner critic’s not sure about… 😉 . All elements of me make up my power – my energy flow; my precious soma. And, so, each day I endeavour to let more of these parts fly free. . At this time, a TV show I used to act in (#waterlooroad) is re-airing; and I notice new followers on here who like to mention the role I played. I appreciate your kind words – telling me how my work as ‘Maxine’ touched your heart. The comments bring something else up, too; something close to fear. It’s the high school feeling; of lots of girls (and young men) with eyes on me. They’re probably texting on old Nokia mobiles and chewing pink liquorice from the corner shop. I imagine you – you new followers – as you meld into my memories of high school judgement and it makes my energy shrink. Desiring safety, bits of my psyche pipe up and ask me to ‘reel it in’; conform; post sexy selfies or say things the popular kids will appreciate. . Thing is . I’m 34 now and there’s later and layers of other parts of me. Boom. Yeeeeeeeah! There’s the woman I am; the fiery crone I aspire to; parts from past lives; healed, solid feet and an open heart which yells . “DON’T YOU DARE POST THINGS TO TRY AND PLEASE OTHERS EYES. Hold your integrity, angel, follow your gut, love all of you.“ . And so I take a breath, thank Goddess for the mind swirling, root dropping journey I’ve been on these 12 years, and post this pic. Just like a proud momma would post a pic of her daughter, playing. I celebrate this part of me. And all the parts of you, too. . Healing happens in real time, a breath at a time, when you open to the parts that were ostracised in the past. When you welcome them home and they get to stay. This is healing. This is happiness and everything you desire. . Go gently, lovely. With fire. . Ellie . #freedom #power #beyou #radicallyyou #womenswellness #joy #playfulness #wildwoman #notcaringwhatothersthink #livelikenooneiswatching #selflove #trasformationalcoaching #embodiedlife #selfkindness #peace #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #somaticlifecoaching #somaticsoulcoach #ifttt #youarebeautifu

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