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It’s so easy to blame and criticise ourselves; I do it all…

It’s so easy to blame and criticise ourselves; I do it all the time. The more I get mindful, in fact, the more I see that every moment of suffering I have is rooted in self blame. Whether I’m mad at the rain or resentful of another; at the root of that sits self blame for… something. And my head can always find something if it wants; ooh yes indeed (“wasn’t punctual enough/I’m not pretty/successful/impressive enough”) (“bla bla blaaa”) (Ellie blows a raspberry). Freedom comes when I notice I’m blaming myself and then choose to acknowledge that in actual fact (in actual, actual fact) I’m doing awesome. As are you ☺️. . One of the most vivid moments of relief I’ve ever has was when – during a guided meditation – the teacher said ‘you’re doing really well’. Suddenly, something inside of me downed-tools, a shiver descended my spine and I thought ‘pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew’. I hadn’t even realised I’d been beating up on myself for not doing well enough but (evidentially) I had and…. pheeeeeeeeeeeew! . Whatever we’re feeling, whatever we’re thinking, wanting or needing. Whatever we’re planning and hoping for, imagining and remembering we’re doing a-ma-zing. . #andbreathe . In the moment I heard the woman on the tape say ‘you’re doing really well’ I realised that all my internal discomfort, frustration, shame and fear was grounded in the belief that I was doing something wrong. . And hearing the kind words of affirmation reconnected me with self love and appreciation flooded in; yes I was doing great. Yes all was okay. Yes life was beautiful, I was safe and could be present in that One. Single. Moment. . #andbreathe.. . So invite you to give yourself that gift, right now. Of affirming you’re doing great; of acknowledging your beauty and awesomeness, sweet one, for its undebatable. . #selflove #appreciation #acceptance #allowing #joy #flow #peace #miracles #beauty #mindfulness #presence #hereandnow #lightworker #spiritjunkie (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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