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It gives me great joy to say that our exhibition (read: magical…

It gives me great joy to say that our exhibition (read: magical village of film, sculpture, pictures & song) is open from today 🎆🪶🌳

For the past two years, I’ve been journeying with a group of 33 women called the Silver Spoons Collective who came together with the intention to heal the personal and collective wounds from the Burning Times; the period of time in which thousands of people were murdered for ‘being witches’.

What does the word ‘witch’ mean to you, dear one?

The effects of the Burning Times are with us, still. Our cells hold the memories of what our ancestors experienced and, if humanity is to truly reconnect with the Earth, if we are to make peace with our sisters and brothers, to trust in cyclicity, intuition and the mysterious, beautiful womb of life… we must heal and release what happened during the ‘witch burnings’.

Because of this, my silver spoon sisters and I have created an exhibition/interactive event in which we’re sharing (through a magical village of film, sculpture, song, paintings, words and more) our own journeys of healing so that you and the rest of the world can come together, heal, learn and release too.

As well as the exhibition there’s a whole calendar of workshops and performances.

The exhibition is called, I AM WITCH – Tales from the Roundhouse (An Exhibition of Hystory, Healing and Hope) I AM WITCH – Tales from the Roundhouse . It’s open from 5th- 28th January at the beautiful Storey Institute in Lancaster UK.

Setting it up, last week, I flowed with tingles as we brought our visions, finally, to life. This is an utterly unique experience and you’re so welcome to come along. Link for the tickets is in my insta bio or at www.silver spoons 🌳🐈‍⬛🌲🎉🪶 if you’re not in the UK and would like to know about online circles/events we create – sign up to our newsletter at the link. Looking forward to connecting with you.

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