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#inthemoment #mindfulnessofnow . I filmed this having stopped,…

#inthemoment #mindfulnessofnow . I filmed this having stopped, turned around, parked my car and stepped out to gawp… at the fog… because it was . Just . So . Beautiful. . The day I shot it was the winter solstice (December 21st)… which is the time when we are encouraged to hunker down, snuggle in during the darkest moment, our longest night… and dream. . Dream of the life we’ll bring into existence as the light returns. Dream of all that we are and all we will be. Dream of beauty and love and the wild ride that is being alive. . And the message I got, driving through Yorkshire, was clear… dream with your heart, sweet one. Dream with your feelings. . When we’re with how we feel (even for a second) we’re in the moment because sensation and emotions happen here and now, nowhere else (#fact). . Right now – with the world as it is – our logical minds often can’t see past the present moment… because these are such . Changing . Times. . Bringing mindfulness into our lives so that we’re In The Now is always a gift. But, when things feel as upside down as they do today, it’s awesome to embrace the kind of experience this fog gave me. Ie being Here – not looking out ahead but really seeing and experiencing This Second. . #andbreathe . With governments being lead by new kinds of people; with those we’ve trusted being shown to be un trust worthy, old societal structures are behaving incredibly strangely and this whispers of mah-oo-sive evolution. . And that’s okay. . It’s all okay, sweet ones. . What will arrive, anew, in 2018? . Who knows exactly. . I don’t know how it’ll look… but I know how it’ll feel. . Joyous, free, lung gushingly expansive. Eye wideningly amazing and filled . With . Love. . Love. Can you feel it, sweet one? . I send bucket loads of it to you. . Bucket loads 😁. . #thepoewerofnow #justthismoment #spiritjunkie #filmmaker #womenfilmmaker #wftv #nature #foggymagical #mindfulness #presence #hereandnow #stressmanagement #newyear #2018 #love #life #beauty #yorkshire #ifttt (at Hebden Bridge)

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