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I became part of the visionary women’s collective ~ …

I became part of the visionary women’s collective ~ @silverspoonscollective ~ because I realised there were deep, frozen parts of me that felt disconnected from other women. The love in my soul saw this rift, cocked its head and announced that it was time to END said disconnection and, so, I’ve been journeying with these 32 other women, for the past two years, to heal it.

We, @silverspoonscollective, are a sisterhood who believe in a world where the wounds of ‘the burning times’ (the period of 300 years when thousands of people were persecuted for ‘being witches’) are healed; where we flow with connection to the Earth; where we trust in each other and dance with the knowing of our worthiness. This is what we’re working for.

So it gives me great joy to say that, this week, our healing exhibition has opened for visitors, in Lancaster UK (ticket link in my insta bio or at ) . It’s spine tinglingly unique, powerful and beautiful and you are most welcome to come experience it.

When I say it’s an ‘exhibition’, it’s more like a magical village of film, sculpture, pictures & song. A space of ceremony and change, a place where anything can happen. We’re opening portals to new possibilities, here, and they’re for everyone to step through. As well as the ‘exhibition’ there’s a whole calendar of workshops and performances.

The exhibition is called, I AM WITCH – Tales from the Roundhouse (An Exhibition of Hystory, Healing and Hope)and it’s open from 5th- 28th January at the beautiful Storey Institute in Lancaster UK.

Link for the tickets is in my insta bio or at www.silver spoons 🌳🐈‍⬛🌲🎉🪶 if you’re not in the UK and would like to know about online circles/events we create – sign up to our newsletter at the link. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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