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Hello beautiful – today is my Self Love Sundays session. Yes…

Hello beautiful – today is my Self Love Sundays session. Yes yes yes, it’s time for self love. I can’t wait to join with you and our self love community. If you’re not yet registered, you can sign up without charge by clicking the link in my insta’ bio or going here: . As the holidays end and 2021 opens around you – take this time to serve yourself first. Nourish yourself with deep self reverence and let everything else fall into place. . This month’s session is on the topic of Radical Receiving. . Just as the trees, the seasons and the tides ebb and flow; so must you. . There is an energy that WANTS to  Swish-in And replenish You With  Magic.  . So, let’s let it!  . You are invited to a beautiful free session today— . ***A session in which you will*** ~Be supported to drop, lovingly into your body ~Be bathed in a felt-sense experience of pure receptivity ~Investigate your relationship to receiving . ***You will be supported to*** ~Release what no longer serves you ~Receive bounty – way beyond that which your mind can imagine – for 2021  . This magic will happen at my Self Love Sundays session – which you can register for free via my insta bio or here: . . #selflovesundays #selflove #selfkindness #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #meditation #embodiment #onlinewellnessevent #calmincovid #yin #receive #radicalreceiving

. ~It is your birthright to receive what you need for rest, play and expansion.  ~It is your birthright to feel balanced. ~It is your birthright to receive as much as you give. . If you’re ready to re find your balance and open to receiving – in a magical, embodied way – you are invited to join my Self Love Sundays session, today. . Register for free via the link in my insta’ bio or go here: . there will be a replay if you can’t make the live. . #selflovesundays #selflove #selfkindness #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #meditation #embodiment #onlinewellnessevent #calmincovid #yin #receive #radicalreceiving

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