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Having awareness of our inner experience equals freedom. . And…

Having awareness of our inner experience equals freedom. . And why? . Because when we notice what we feel, within, it stops existing as some kind of a subliminal truth… hovering silently (massively) in the background. And becomes something we can choose our response to. . Sensation is one thing and thought is another. I may think that pain equals suffering. But this is not so. The sensation of pain is there, and the thought saying ‘ouch this is a bad feeling’ is separate from it. . #truth . We can interpret our sensations in . Any . Way . At . All. . We can notice them and allow them to be simply what they are – energy moving in a certain way. . So instead of noticing pain and thinking ‘yoooou are awful and need you to be gone!’, we can . Breathe . See the sensation and . Respond differently. . We can respond with allowing. . Which . (And here’s the magic) . Allows it to shift. . The more we do this – the more we meditate, see our experiences clearly and allow them to be… . The more we see the sensations as what they actually are. . So what is pain? Well, you tell me. How does it feel to you, sweet one? . My experience is that is internal energetic movement with a particular quality. Maybe a burning sensation has a fizzy, fast quality. Maybe an ache seems more still? . In any case, seeing this is dynamite for our life. . The only reason pain remains in the body is because we resent it. Resentment is resistance; resistance to internal movement. . When we allow energy to be, however, it moves. When it moves, it flows. When it flows, it changes. The internal sculptures of our human landscape flow like the wind and . So . Do . We. . Mmmmmmm. . #awesome #life #mindfulnessofenergy #magicofmindfulness #wellbeing #selflove #meditation #ease #flow #energyawareness #energyellie #love #mindfulnessbasedpainmanagement #selflove #peace #ilovemybody #lightworker #alliswell #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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