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My Body-Guided Journey to Sacred Sites

Sit on the earth,

Roll with the waves,

Receive from the ether;

Rebirth our world.

Hello Dear One,

It’s time for me to share about an exciting step I’m taking in my body-lead journey.

As you may know, I’ve been living according to the guidance in my body for ten years; following her ebbs and flows, her yes’s and no’s; being lead to drop into joy and an ever more authentic version of myself.

Then, last month, something new...

“It’s time” whispered my heart “for your body-lead life go to the next level. Let her take you on a journey; through England and beyond, to visit energetic power points on the planet. Go to them, connect to land; visit seas, standing stones, temples and more and, in doing so, you will discover…

As you put your body on the earth…

And feel what is there…

What these places have to teach about healing. Healing, specifically, in relation to:





‘Chronic fatigue’.

This mysterious ‘illness’ has doctors baffled but, after journeying with it for fifteen years, you know that it isn’t mysterious at all, but guiding you home to vitality and love, one sensation at a time. Challenge in the body is a gift; an initiation into understanding how the felt sense speaks her voice.

Along your way, you will connect with those who have deep understanding about:

~Working with the energy body

~The crown chakra, the sacred geometry of pyramids and what this teaches us about healing

~Kundalini awakenings

This is a journey of remembering and reclaiming our collective ALIVENESS.”

For two days, the guidance flowed in, making my heart skip and my feet root. It felt delicious and I knew I wanted to do what was being asked.


That's what I’m going to do!

Over the coming months, I will journey to visit energetic power points on the planet; sacred sites, standing stones, pyramids, woodlands, oceans and more. All with the intentions that;

~My path be revelatory and healing for myself and others

~This be a delicious, expansive trip

~At the end of it, I will create a piece (whether written, drawn or filmed) to serve those who need what I’ve found

So, let’s all take a breath with that. I wonder how my words have landed with you?

Personally, I’m half terrified, half raring to go!

And, as my way unfurls over the coming months, I’m delighted to be inviting you along with me!

Each month, I’ll be sharing - via emails and YouTube broadcasts - about where I’m going, how my body’s guiding me and the discoveries I make. And I’d love to hear how what I’m doing resonates with you.

So I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE to ensure you’ll receive updates and be notified when I go live!

I invite you to comment on the videos I post; let me know how my discoveries land with you; about the journeys you’re taking; the guidance you seek.

And, for now, I wish you a wonderful day and look forward to connecting with you soon!

With kindness and fire,



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