Creativity is a central part of my soul and my current projects bring my passions together;


 Somatic Living

Emotional Wellbeing

Supporting our World to Realign with Love 



Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire 

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Below, you can see some of my past works.


The film 'Emoticon' won the Raindance Film Festival 15 Second Horror Award and was co-directed by myself, Joshua Wilkinson and David Hall (#whoop). 

To be honest - horror isn't my genre. But winning an award for my first ever film was the wink I needed, from the universe, to remind me that storytelling is my jam and film is my paint pallet. I continue to make film and have some very exciting projects in production. 

Producing Magical Things

'The Point' (below) is a monologue I devised a number of years ago (with guidance from the wondrous Jim Cartwright). Camera work by Ben Thornley. Though this is me at a much earlier time, the essence and magic of this piece still feels resonant for me. 

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