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Your Guided Somatic Practices

'Being with the Body with Love' 

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During this practice, you'll drop into your body and discover what's alive.

How are you? Who are you? What's moving through?


There’s no need to push or suppress; all of you gets to take space. 

This practice is best enjoyed when you are in a quiet place.

'Your Body Speaks'

~Open to your body's voice

~Discover how she, he or they speak their 'yes' and 'no'  

~Let this guide you to live your truth

Take Time for Embodiment

If you've loved these practices and would like to take time, live, to be supported by me - I invite you to register for my monthly Self Love Sundays sessions.

These are monthly, online gatherings, at which you're most welcome.

Register (free) and discover more HERE 

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