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Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie Paskell

Listen to Your Body. Live the Song of Your Soul. 

A coaching program with me is a powerful, safe container in which you'll evolve your life by following the guidance in your body. 

Coaching Programs include:

  • Private somatic coaching sessions of 60-75 minutes 

  • Email/WhatsApp support from me between sessions

  • Creation of Soul Action/Soul Play so that you leave each session with body aligned action or inaction steps

  • Access to private client portal & additional resources

The Seven Session Program:

Seven 60-75 minute sessions

One Somatic Foundations session (recorded)

The Eleven Session Program:

Eleven 60-75 minute sessions

One Somatic Foundations session (recorded)

During your coaching program you will be supported to:

  • Heal

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that feels delicious and brings vitality! 

  • Connect to your body and follow her guidance

  • Nourish your nervous system

  • Grow your emotional intelligence

  • Find body mind balance

  • Reclaim your joy

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

The Program is a Journey

A journey from how your life feels right now to how you desire your life to feel. 

And, while this process will involve your mind, it's one in which your body takes the lead. 

You’ll move forward by following the innate intelligence in your cells, organs and nervous system which communicate to you through sensation. 

I'll be there each step of the way, supporting you to tune into: 

~Feelings and impulses

~Inner knowings




This is where the guidance lies. 

How it Works

The Coaching Arc


  • At the start your program, you'll be supported to get clear on what you truly desire for your life. Why have you come to me? What are you here to heal, revolutionise or birth?                                                           

  • Once you've birthed your visions and intentions, they act as loving guide points along your way.

  • Each subsequent session holds space for a focus or 'topic' or focus that's deeply important to you. 

  • The naming of this creates grounding and clarity as you journey in cyclical the territory of your felt sense.  

  • Perhaps you want to reclaim your vitality, nourish your relationship with yourself, soothe anxiety, revolutionise your health, evolve your career or something else. Bring it to your sessions and your soma will lead the way. 

  • During your time with me you'll be supported to step out of the confines of your mind and enlist your full body knowing to manifest miracles in your life.  

Finding Freedom!

  • During your sessions you will meet and empower the parts of your soma that know you can.

  • These are the parts of you that: 

    ~Support you to live as you truly desire

    ~Bring healing

    ~See you only with love

    ~Honour your embodied knowings

    ~Know it's time for you to live from your soul

    ~Know you are here to live a life that feels delicious


The loving elements of your soma are empowered as you utilise your capacity for: 

  • Vitality

  • Grounding

  • Sovereignty

  • Self directed neuroplasticity

  • Nervous system regulation (calm)

  • Connection to your innate intelligence

  • Embodied delight


Welcoming All of You Home

  • Over the course of your life, elements of your being have been shut away. Perhaps you've hidden sadness, shame, or locked your exuberance up tight.


  • Now's the time for all of you to be here. 

  • As we work together, you'll discover the parts of your soma that are ready and eager to return. 

  • With this returning comes health, empowerment and unspeakable joy. 


Uncovering Blocks

  • Each Session I hold space for you to uncover:

    ~What elements of your soma have been         preventing you from spreading your wings.

  • This will include uncovering your: 

    ~Limiting beliefs

    ~Inner critics

    ~Disconnection from emotions

    Once you're aware of these limiting elements within, your are supported to lessen their power and find freedom

Created for You


Your Somatic Life Coaching program will be a combination of my tried and tested process and a structure created, specifically, for you.

I craft a bespoke pathway  - utilising tools from my work as a Somatic Soul Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Creative. No two programs are the same; your body leads the way, my body shares her intuition and an powerful journey takes place. 

During Sessions I Will Guide You to:

  • Feel

  • Regulate your nervous system 

  • Engage with your emotions in a brand new way 

  • Honour your body's wisdom 

  • Become familiar with your values and belief systems for agency and delight! 

Sessions Include:

  • Guided embodiment practice

  • Space to exhale, root in and flow from your felt sense 

  • Invitation to be, truly, who you are 

  • You may find yourself moving as you never have before; some of my clients are still in sessions, some move, some make sounds. Many find new capacity to run, heal and dance in ways they hadn't thought possible.

  • Somatic ceremony

During your Somatic Life Coaching journey, you will learn to live in a new way. As you step out of the confines of your mind and enlist your body-intelligence, you'll channel the energy that creates worlds and anything can happen.

When you're ready to begin, simply email me by clicking my email address:

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