Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Craft Your Life from the Enormous Power Within

A coaching program with me is a powerful, safe container in which you are supported to follow the guidance in your body and manifest miracles.

Coaching Programs include:

  • Private life coaching sessions of 60 minutes 

  • Email support from me between sessions

  • Creation of Soul Action so that you leave sessions with inspired, body aligned action steps

  • Support from a coach who honours your wisdom

Five Session Program:

    One, initial, 80 minute session

    Four 60 minutes sessions

Ten Session Program:

    One, initial, 80 minute session

    Nine 60 minute sessions

During your coaching program you will be guided to:

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that feels amazing and brings vitality! 

  • Deeply connect to your body

  • Grow your emotional intelligence

  • Nourish your wellness

  • Reclaim your magnificence

How it Works

The Coaching Arc

  • During your first session you are supported to tune into your VISIONS and INTENTIONS for your life.

  • Once this beauty has been expressed - your intentions act as loving GUIDE POINTS that chart your course throughout the rest of your journey. 

Each Session You Will:

  • Work with a Topic

Each session holds space for a topic that's important to you. 

Perhaps you want to evolve your relationship to food, your work situation or something else. Bring it and let the magic commence. 

During your sessions, you are supported to step out of the confines of your mind and enlist your innate intelligence - aka your full-body knowing - as your guide in the creation of a WONDERFUL FEELING LIFE. 

Uncovering Blocks

  • Each Session I hold space for you to uncover:

~Why you don't already have what you desire in your life.

~What elements of your soma (body and mind) have been blocking you from spreading your wings.

  • This may include uncovering your: 

~Limiting beliefs

~Inner critics

~Fear of certain emotions

Once you're aware of these limiting elements within, your are supported to LESSEN their power and find freedom! 

This is where it gets really juicy :). 

... Finding FREEDOM!

  • During your sessions you will meet and EMPOWER the parts of your soma that know YOU CAN.

  • These are the parts of you that: 

~See you only with love

~Honour your embodied knowings

~Know you are here to live a life that FEELS DELICIOUS

~Know your body is able and ready to heal

~Know it's time for you to live from your SOUL


These elements of your soma are empowered as you utilise your capacity for: 

  • Self directed neuroplasticity

  • Connection to your innate intelligence

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Magic

Sessions Include:

  • Somatic mindfulness practice

  • Guided journeys with different elements of your soma

  • Gentle, intuitive movement, within your capabilities

  • Ceremony

During Sessions I Will Guide You to:

  • During sessions I will guide you to: 

~Release thought and FEEL

~Regulate your nervous system 

~Engage with your emotions in a whole new way for clarity & freedom

~Honour your body's guidance 


During your sessions - and as you take your somatic soul action between our meetings - you are learning to live in a whole new way.

As you step out of the confines of your mind and enlist your body-intelligence, you channel the energy that creates worlds to manifest your wonderful feeling life. 

Welcome to your magnificence. 

Everything is possible here. 

Let me know you're ready to begin!Click my email address:

Ellie Paskell

Portal 15026

PO Box 4336


M61 0BW