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Your Embodied Clarity Session 

Step into TRANSFORMATIVE one to one space


Silence the noise of the outside world

Contact the undeniable truth that lives in your body

~ Give it reverence, freedom and voice 

~ Be supported to honour that truth so you're at your own side like never before


~ Let your needs, inspiration and knowings take flight: what's happening in your life? What's working and what's not? What do you truly desire? 


~ Receive a powerful body-aligned action or inaction step to propel you forward on the path of your soul

 You'll Receive

~ A 60 - 75 minute one to one Embodied Clarity Session with me, Ellie Paskell

~ A downloadable audio-recording of your session

~ A clear, empowered action or inaction step which carries you forward on the path of your soul

Your session will support you to nourish the element of your life that's most precious to you right now.

 Whether that's your health, work life, relationships or something else, you’ll do so by reconnecting to your innate intelligence; the knowings in your cells, heart, belly and bones.

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To work with Ellie has been the biggest turning point of my life, I finally feel that I am home, that I am me... I can now meet each moment, each message, with interest, with observation, compassion and kindness. I am now in my life, experiencing it like I never have before."


"When I began sessions with Ellie, my life was at a standstill due to a period of chronic fatigue. Having been guided to connect with my soma, I was able to listen to my body's wisdom and hear what I really needed. 

I have discovered a deep respect for what my body needs through our sessions; letting go of societies expectations and hearing my own needs. The result of which is that I am, now, recovered and planning my return to work. I feel quite transformed thanks to these coaching sessions. It's been magical!"


With love

Ellie Paskell

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