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15th - 19th November 2020

Fits around your schedule!



unleash your fire


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... This realm has been created for you to reside in for a while;


 It's filled with safety, 



& Fire.


It supports you to honour your body, connect to your power and unleash your joy. 

So, how do you enter this pocket of magic?

And why is it here ?

Read on... 

It’s 2020 - and we're at a point of mind-fizzing transition on Earth. 

Scary? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely. 

At this time of global-unknown, a portal has opened; a portal through which we'll step to create our New World. 

But we cannot make this world with the level of thought that created the old one. 

To align with love and the Earth, we must open to our felt-sense guidance.

It's Time For The Body.

It's time for you to follow what feels good, my love. 

And to effortlessly create our New World in the process. 

So I'm spine-tickled to tell you that



which will help you to do just that. 

You are invited, this November, to a retreat so life-changing that when it's done you'll wonder how you lived without it, before. 


This magic is:



A free, extraordinary, online retreat.

30+ sessions, stories & performances

from embodied superstars, coaches and revolutionaries.

this is an experience unlike anything that's come before...


On this retreat you'll take a journey with your body.

Each session within it has been curated to give your body exactly what she needs. 

Follow what feels good. 

Rest, move, listen, play; soothe yourself to your next level of being. There's somatic  practices, music, story, magical discussion and more. As you journey with your body, you'll be supported by world renowned space holders and award winning artists.

It's going to rock. 



 Inspiration and play are vital in the remaking of our world.

Joy is also a power-medicine for your body. 

So, while some sessions in the retreat invite you to heal, learn or grow, others are simply about enjoyment! (Yaaaay!).

To create a world we feel happy in, we must prioritise joy and follow the impulses this brings.



This retreat is wound with a world of story.

Each day - a new episode of the story Tabby's Way will be available for you to hear. 


 Tabby's Way is a gut-crafted Eat Pray Love meets Harry Potter meets type tale. Created and performed by myself - Ellie Paskell.

This is fruit from my twenty year journey as an actress, embodied-awakener and coach. 

So I invite you, each day of the retreat, to take ten minutes for story and magic. 

As you feel your heart swell and your imagination fly, you are creating pieces of our New World for everyone to enjoy. 

That's the power of story, that's the power of inspiration, that's the power of your body.

Some of the space-holders, artists, coaches and revolutionaries here to support you on retreat :

Ellie Paskell-smile hmm.jpg

your host - Ellie Paskell

Somatic Soul Coach™, Feeler, Actress 

Susannah Darling Khan.jpg

Susannah Darling Khan

Founder of Movement Medicine

Ayla Schaffer.JPG


Globally renowned musical artist and coach. 

Red School Woman Headshot.jpg

Alexandra Pope

& Sjanie hugo Wurlitzer

 Founders of the Red School

headshot Marya-LS-18.jpg


 Award-winning vocalist, storyteller and guide

Sameer Patel Raindance-0245.jpg

sameer patel

Filmmaker and embodied experiencer

Bernadette Pleasant Head Shot.jpeg

bernadette pleasant

Founder of The Emotional Institute® & Femme! 

Tasha Blank Headhsot Screen Shot 2019-12

tasha blank

Visionary DJ and movement coach


Jamye Price

Channel, healer, author


Jeralyn Glass

Musician, singer, crystal bowl meditation leader

Casey Berglund W&W-1-13.jpg

casey berglund

Embodiment Guide, Ted X Speaker

Dana Headshot OEC.jpg

dana regan

Founder of the Somatic Soul Coach™ School

Mica Headshot.jpg

am i mica sinclair

Awesome Musician and Awakening Being 

Mick Collins Headshot.JPG

DR. mick collins

 Author and embodied experiencer

Daniel headshot -Fairfax-25k.jpg

daniel barber

Musical expert in navigating the unknown

Aurora Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 7.53.30


Poetic priestess & creator of the Feminine Fire Sisterhood

Jewels Wingfield Headshot OEC.jpeg

jewels wingfield

Womb Wisdom Keeper

Lynn Marie Lumiere .jpg

lynn marie lumiere

Author & somatic psychotherapist 

Elizabeth Wood_32_(1)-2.jpg

elizabeth wood

'Living Library' and Oracle. 


jocelyn mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet & guide for visionary entrepreneurs  

Katie MOttram Headshot.jpg

Katie Mottram

Creator of the Emerging Proud movement.

Lauren-Harkness-NEW Photo.jpg

lauren harkness 

Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute of NY


Lainie love dalby

Galactic Rainbow Shamaness & founder of The Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy


torie feldman

Ancestral healing guide & Founder of Sacred Ancestry

Frances Goodall Headshot.jpg

frances goodall

Author, Coach & Founder of The Women's Wellness Circle

Anaiya Sophia headshot.jpg

anaiya sophia

Author, storyteller and mystic.

Dionne Goddess.jpg



Founder of

The Goddess Tea House


Kadidja Yansane

Women's business coach & founder of 'Bloom Into You'

Anin Rose Headshot OEC.jpg

anin rose

Musical artist and co-director of the London International Gospel Choir

VerDarLuz Bio Pic.jpg

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

Shamanic Astrologer, artist and musician

Gina Sager.jpg


Coach, Healer, Rest-Revolutionary

Round Brianna.png


Clairvoyant, Sacred Embodiment Coach & Teacher

Freyja Inanna Headshot.jpg

freyja inanna

Trauma release facilitator and Inspirational Being

Space Holders
Black woman no background 2.PNG

How You'll journey with Your Body:

Each day of the retreat - as you scan, excitedly, down the list of sessions  - you'll let your body choose which ones to attend.

Sessions are described experientially so you can allow pleasure, rest, healing or fun be your light house.


Follow what feels good. 


Each session provides an experience for you;  to take your next step in the terrain of your felt sense. 

Maybe you need support to feel anger;

Perhaps you need slowness, freedom or dance.

Maybe it's time to calm your nervous system or learn your body's language. 

It's all here for you. 

Flow with yourself, moment to moment. 

Get what you need. 

~Each Session is a Divine Breadcrumb on Your Journey of Discovering: 

-Who you truly are

-What you truly desire

-What action, or inaction, is your next step

-What you’re capable of

-The world you're here to co-create 

~Each session is available for 48 hours after it airs - so you can experience it at the time that works for you. ~


~ Every element of Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire is designed to help you drop into your body. ~


There'll be

-Stillness and quiet 

-Dancing and music

-Guided somatic practice 

-Story, poetry

-Spine tingling interviews


-Endless invitation to claim your power. 

Sign up for Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire; gift yourself all of this:  

5 or 6 sessions will be available for you to experience every day... and each session will be available for 48 hours after it airs. So you can attend the retreat at the time of day that suits you.  


There's no cost to attend. Register using the button below, and the joining details will fly to your inbox immediately.


~ Step Into A New Story ~

The power of story to heal your body and remake our world is enormous. 

Hence, this retreat is woven with it. Space holders and artists have laced storytelling through their sessions and... 


... Each day there'll be a an episode of  Tabby’s Way available for you to hear;

created to support you to 

languish in liminal space, allow your imagination to run wild and birth pieces of our new world.


about  Tabby’s Way

When an inexplicable fatigue appears in Tabby's body, one moonlit night, it brings a world of much more that tiredness. 

It is the key, Tabby realises, to all she desires; a magical compass that will guide her to joy, unconditional worthiness and such grounded-ness that

"Even if the world as I know it were to dissolve, I would stay joyous.

For that is my birthright."


So, now - in November 2020 -  as the world you know shifts on its axis, you are invited to join Tabby in her spine-tingling quest. When your lives meet in the liminal realm, you'll be co-creating pieces of our new world.  


~ THE POWER OF Story ~

Everything you can imagine has the capacity to become real. Your mind, your heart, your womb are all creators. 

Your body is a shape shifter - as is the experience we call 'reality'. 

As you hear Tabby's Way - notice what is inspired within you. 

Anything your inspiration tells you is possible 

-for you

-for your loved ones

-for the world

IS possible. 

Any beauty, joy, play, power it sparks within you - dance with it.

May the stories in this space embolden your heart and free your creative power. 

Release the teachings that have engendered fear inside you.

Release the news, the unkind lessons, the anxiety-evoked worries. 

Anything is possible. 

It's time for beauty. 

Let's do this. 


~ Your Desires ~


You desire to live your purpose; to be flowing with vitality and fierce love.


You want a world where the satisfaction of your desires syncs up with the needs of your children, friends, humanity and the Earth;

a world in which there's freedom, health, abundance and respect for all. 







Your Body will show you how. 

~ Your Health ~

Perhaps you’re working with a health condition. Knowing you can heal it; and that when you heal, so does the wider world. Yessssssss. You got it. Thank you for being here. Read on, sign up, receive what you need from Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire. I can’t wait to meet you.  

~ You; Embodied Superstar ~


If you’re already rocking and rolling with an embodied way of life - this event will hold you as you deepen into somatic living. If embodied living is new terrain for you - welcome! How awesome you're here. Get ready for some magic. And some fun! 



Make no mistake about it - having fun heals the body and aligns you with all you desire. 

The guidance you receive when relaxed and happy will guide you to remake our world.


Aliveness, peace, mess, allowing. All shades of who you are. Bring it. 



~ An Immersive Five Days ~

Immerse yourself in your journey as much as possible.

Tell your loved ones you'll be away for a while (whether an hour or - err - the whole week!) 

pack your teapot, tent and invisibility cloak and enter the somatic realm.

Create your space with cushions and blankets that make you say “mmmmmmmm” and roll your way in for a magical ride. 


Ellie Paskell


Ellie Paskell is a Somatic Soul Coach™, mindfulness teacher, actress and embodied revolutionary. 

The first two decades of her life saw Ellie walk the path of a regular actress and activist; demonstrating for equality and change as she appeared on stage and screens in her work as a creative.

At 22, however, Ellie's body started to shout for attention with a 'concrete fog' that wouldn't go away. For five years, she tentatively paid attention to the sensations; trying to fix them; to ignore them; to carry on as normal. But it wasn't to be. Something extraordinary was leading Ellie astray and her gut knew to follow it. Despite attachments to her life as she knew it, an inner whispering spoke and said:

"your body guides you only in the direction of what you most desire. Follow what feels good to find freedom, joy and alignment with the infinite." 

So, in 2012, Ellie released her career, her relationship and fast paced life to enter the rabbit hole.  And, since that time, has spent years away from modern culture, listening to and learning from her body and bringing somatic magic to our world. 


Ellie lives life guided by her body as she works with people all over the globe; those here to revolutionise their lives, their health and human society by mining the gold that is their somatic intelligence.   Ellie will support you to fly, free, of the constraints of societal expectation and to flow with the beat of your body for happiness, health, truth and magic. 

Ellie Paskel

~ About the Fire ~

F I R E = 

F: Free 

I: Internal

R: Rivers


E: Energy​.

Your fire is you UNLEASHED.  

Your rivers of POWER, EMOTION, ENERGY flowing - unencumbered;

When we do this, collectively - the world realigns and love becomes all.

~ About the Cradling ~

Your body has things to say.

But she needs safety in order to speak.

Human bodies have been repressed for millennia. We've numbed, 

shut them up, dumbed them down to retain the status quo. 

But now - as the world grid-shifts and we grasp for inspiration -