I’m Ellie Paskell, expert in transformation from the inside-out. As a somatic coach and mindfulness teacher, I support individuals and organisations to increase their wellbeing in innovative, visionary ways. 


I work with people who want more wellness, joy, and energy in their lives and environments.


And we'll discuss how I can support you. 



"Ellie is so supportive and loving, and she radiates this out… letting you know that wherever you are, it’s totally okay…


Ellie’s peaceful presence is the perfect balm to a hectic life, inviting you to slow down, listen to your body, and just be."



For the past seven years, I have dedicated my life to true wellbeing.

During this time, my world has evolved from the inside-out through spending thousands of hours in meditation, mindful-living and listening to my body. 

This radical way of being opened up for me when I realised nothing I wanted could be found outside of myself.  

I realised that everything I desired - be it a career, certain kinds of relationships or possessions - was because I believed I would feel better in the having of those things. Because I believed that rearranging my external world was the way to happiness and  wellbeing. But that, in truth, this was not the case. I saw that peace would only 'arrive' within if I focussed on my insides for a while. Or a lifetime. 


And, so, day after day, year after year I’ve been listening; to my inner knowings, my body-guidance and intuition. Which have lead me to 







Meaning oodles of joy, peace, magic and wellbeing. And the rest. The road hasn’t always been smooth. Life isn’t about not feeling fear, sadness or anger. It isn't about never feeling challenged - but remaining present and loving with those experiences. This is where peace lies. This is where health flows. This is the way if we want to appreciate living and experience joy. 


Four years ago it became clear I was to share what I've learned with others. Which I've been doing ever since, as a wellbeing coach.  


This magical path could never have opened its gates to me if I’d stayed within the lines of what my mind said was ‘the right kind of life’. But now, with my new way of being, I’m blessed to possess tools that guide me, constantly, back to the beat of my own drum. And I'm honoured to share these with others, so my clients can also access the peace that is their birthright. 

I live, effectively, 'on retreat' and have done for many years. Sure - I 'come out' to do business, socialise, dance and play - but my priority is presence.

My priority is the learnings that come when I focus in, listen to my body, flow with Her guidance and hear those radical whisperings.

I'm here to help create a new world. Aren't we all?

The one our children will be happy and healthy in.

Hell - I'll stop mincing my words - the one I will be happy and healthy in.

This world

- these lives we crave to live -

(the lives in which we're free to be in integrity with who we are) 

(for this is the root of all health, freedom and joy)

come not from the level of thought that created our current world but from new ways of being, of feeling and the knowings that flow from that.

That's why I'm here.

That's why I spend so many hours in mediation,

in conscious dance, 

in nature,


or silent with dear ones.

That's why I prioritise listening to my body above all else; this is where the guidance is.

And. It's. Magical. 


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