I’m Ellie Paskell, somatic soul coach, mindfulness expert, visionary creative. 


My work as a transformational coach channels the culmination of my own deep processes with the physical, energetic and mental bodies. After twenty five years of journeying with my own being, I now support others to revolutionise their lives in innovative, visionary ways. 




Let your fire roll. 

Your anger fly. 

Your waves rattle. 

Breathe space for your being to unfurl and whirl like lightening.


Know you are good.

Soft and hard,

Broken and whole,

Ground your feet. 

Unshackle you’re spine. 

Giggle your chest. 

Wobble your bum. 

Let your fingertips roam and stretch with relief - while they rummage the stars 

and your toes tickle Gaia.


You'll heal and fly, laugh and grow.


The world needs you complete once more. 

The world needs you to release compromise and honour your knowings. 

This is why you’re here; 

Soma retrieval. 

Soul retrieval. 





I am here to support the world to feelagain.

 I want you to skip with your hips, craft dreams from the spark of your spine and sing your soul's fire.

We are at a juncture in human history.

In order to rekindle joy and protect our planet - we must find new ways of living. 

These new ways aren’t written in Scriptures. 

They don’t live in the news, Parliament, TV shows or books of great thinkers. 

The level of thought that created this world won’t create the new one. 


Our new ways are whispering through wombs, gliding veins, and emboldening hands.

They arrive – delivered by the messenger owls of our souls – AKA your true impulses.


I am here to support you to follow these impulses; to follow the guidance in your body. 

I am here to support you to be radically true to who you are. 

I am here to support you to find healing, joy and magic beyond your wildest dreams.


The more of us live this way, the more the human race will re-align with the Earth and nature as a whole.

As this happens - we create the sustainable, next-level world we desire.


Humans, particularly in the west, have lost our way and fallen out of balance. 

We know we'd like a world that feels safe and loving to live in. But - often - the question of how to create such a place can seem baffling. It's not. 

It's possible. 

Bright-light absolutely.

And way-lighters are needed to go first and lead. To lead others in trusting their instincts.

In a world that’s gone against it’s instinct for a long time - listening again can look like madness. It takes balls! I have balls.  Well - ovaries anyway.Big ones! 


And a gigantical heart.

This has lead me to be one of the first to live this new, ancient, body-lead way.

To listen to my soul-gut-wombspace above all else. And craft a life that beats its rhythm.

I am a way lighter. 

Here to show you what you know.

The magic, really is, in you already.


Let’s unleash it.

"There are really only two sensations;

Flow and block. 

The True You speaks with flow. 

Follow this

- do what creates flow, joy, fizz in your body -

and you are guaranteed to craft a life beyond your wildest dreams.

It seems simple. 

It is simple. 

Only, you've been conditioned-out of listening to this guidance.

I'm here to condition you back IN.

In to you. In to your felt sense. Into health, peace and fire."

Ellie Paskell

Your essential nature is knocking the door.

Welcome Her back. 

Your baby innocence flying home;

your child-like vitality,

teenage zest,

adult presence,

chrone-age understanding and the cosmic,

star studded,

soil encrusted being who's waited millennia to arrive,

breathe the air of 2020 and say







"Ellie is so supportive and loving, and she radiates this out… letting you know that wherever you are, it’s totally okay…


Ellie’s peaceful presence is the perfect balm to a hectic life, inviting you to slow down, listen to your body, and just be."


You deserve a life of magic.


It's why you're here.

Your birthright is a world in which all elements of you get to be; 

every level of your being; 

physical, energetic, emotional; 

whirling together.

They make up your 


like shades of a rainbow. Open to them.

Harness your joy.

Your body is guiding you, constantly, to what you truly need.


All you have to do is listen.

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