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Hello Lovely

Hello Dear One

I’m Ellie Paskell; embodiment coach, mindfulness based pain and stress management teacher and creative.

My work as an embodiment coach channels the culmination of twenty five years working with my body in the healing and performing arts and, now, I support others to revolutionise their lives by honouring their own, undeniable truths.

The development of my work as a somatic coach has seen me spend over 40,000 hours in mindful, reverent practice with my body; listening to and learning from my felt sense and guiding others to do the same. 

When we live primarily from the mind, it's easy to veer off track; we get lost, pursuing the plans of others or doing what we imagine will bring joy. But, when we drop into the body, another realm of possibility arrives; we can't help but hear our undeniable truths, can't help but heal, create what brings us joy and return to the path of our soul. 

Let your fire roll, 

Your power fly, 

Your waves rattle. 

Breathe space for your being.  

Know you are good.

Somatic Life Coaching with me supports you create a life that feels the way you came here to feel. No more living according to other's expectations or compromising your aliveness. This is a leading edge, inside-out process that’s guided by your body, nervous system and soul.

Your coaching journey will be a combination of my tried and tested process and a path created, specifically, for you.Your body leads the way, my body shares her intuition and a wonderful adventure takes place. 

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"When I began sessions with Ellie, my life was at a standstill due to a period of chronic fatigue. Having been guided to connect with my soma, I was able to listen to my body's wisdom and hear what I really needed. 

 The result of which is that I am, now, recovered and planning my return to work. I feel quite transformed thanks to these coaching sessions. It's been magical!"

Helen Scott

Image by Bailey Zindel

To work with Ellie has been the biggest turning point of my life, I finally feel that I am home, that I am me... I can now meet each moment, each message, with interest, with observation, compassion and kindness. I am now in my life, experiencing it like I never have before."


"Being in our bodies is the most fundamental part of life. And yet with trauma and a healing journey with cancer I just wasn’t in my body, it didn’t feel safe. And not being in my body meant I wasn’t in life, not truly. 


I have spent decades searching outside of myself for answers, firstly the medical profession, secondly the holistic and spiritual. It all led me to a place of feeling not enough, thinking I need to ‘do’ this in order to be fixed, to be well, to be whole.


With Ellie’s huge kindness and compassion, she showed me that I am already whole, already well. That my body is my sacred space, she’s all of me, she’s on my side, communicating with me every moment of every day and that it is safe to listen to her, that she has all the answers."


"I am a 60 year woman who accepts herself as she is for probably the first time in her people pleasing life, with no shame! I am celebrating this!"


"My ability to access and appreciate my own creativity has massively expanded... and my connections with those I love most dearly have deepened, as have my relationships with others at work because I am more and more willing to be my full self."

Jolene Sheehan

"Ellie's devotion to care and love is astounding and inspirational."

Grace Te Kim

IMG_9973 copy 2.jpg

We are at a juncture in human history.

In order to rekindle joy and protect our planet - we must find new ways to live. 

These new ways aren’t written in scriptures; 

they don’t live in the news, Parliament or the books of great thinkers. 

They are whispering wombs, gliding veins and emboldening hands. 

Our new ways are coming through the knowings in our bodies. 


" I knew that Ellie could offer me what I needed, namely a much better connection to my body (soma) and awareness of it. In the six months I have been working with her she has abundantly shown the truth of that, and guided me towards full body, conscious awareness."

Hilary Sinclair

 "I found my sessions with Ellie empowering at a difficult time in my life when I sometimes felt very hopeless and scared. Our sessions supported me to find the calm, peaceful, wise part of myself and bring it out to guide me.

She gave me the space I needed to reconnect with my soul."


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Your body is guiding you, constantly, to what you truly want.



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