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During this extraordinary, on demand retreat, you will be supported to: 

~Welcome forgotten parts of yourself home

~Fall back in love with your essence

~Experience increased clarity of knowing, solidity of being, faith in yourself and courage to live according to your soul

~Let the radically true you OUT as guided by your body



When you purchase this magic you will: 

  • Receive exclusive downloadable lifetime access to 30+ embodiment sessions, performances and somatic art exhibitions so you can be nourished by them as often as you wish.

  • Connect to the radically true you, as guded by your body. 

  • Journey with your felt sense; rest, play & be inspired by globally renowned space holders and artists.

  • Receive mp3 (audio-only) and mp4 (video) files for all 30+ sessions (over 30 hours of magic)*.

  • Return to them again & again when you need guidance, inspiration, self love or joy!


  • PLEASE NOTE- the purchase page requires your address for payment processing (not shipping!). Your purchase is digital and you'll receive access via the magic of email.


***More Words About the Retreat*** 


Since 2020 dawned with its uncertain sky,

embodiment has become the name of the game.

And why?

Because - as we collectively redirect our ship from fear to love - truth is the word.

And  your body cannot lie.


Your body cares nothing for ‘societal norms’, ‘playing nice’ or upholding the status quo.

She cares only for love.

Love in the form of your integrity; love in the form of joy; love in the form of you rooting, so deeply, into your own truth that another path becomes impossible.








In order to ‘make good’ in this world, however, it’s become normal for us to block our bodies and wrong our emotions.

But the time for this is done.

To create a world that feels wonderful to be in, we must stop contorting ourselves to fit in with fear-based society and bring back our radically embodied selves;

feeling, resting, rooting and flying!

So, I'm wildly excited to tell you that this retreat will do just that! 


The Radically Embodied you

Our Radically Embodied Beings are arising, in these transitory times, to guide us through with strength and love. 

As the societal status quo shits on its axis,  we must dig deep, release false roots and find truth, anew.


Drop in, honour yourself.

Respect what your heart knows.

Find the stability you seek. 


***Signs that the Radically Embodied You is ready to return***

~ You’ve had ENOUGH of ‘playing by the book’

~You’re looking for a clear, loving guide to lead you through transitory times 

~You’ve a desire to honour yourself, deeply

~You’re ready for the EXTRAORDINARY - vitality, strength, integrity, delight!

~You’ve blossomed since 2020 and want to show up in the world, in a new way

~You’re yearning to trust your body's knowings and let them lead

~You’ve been experiencing discomfort or illness, and sense it has something to teach you

***Who Is The Radically Embodied You?***


The Radically Embodied You lives from the truth in your bones.

They honour your instincts and follow your guts.

They may be loud, quiet, exhausted or ecstatic but, whatever they are, we need them now. 

When you align with your truth,

you align with Love

and effortlessly birth pieces of our new world. 

Who are your bones

begging you to be? 

During your time on The Radically Embodied You online retreat - your beacons will be vitality and joy. 

Drop in

Release resistance

Follow what feels good. ​


Much of what blocks our aliveness begins, subconsciously, with the thought “I can’t let myself feel, do or be... that... that unspeakable thing."


What is it for you? Do you believe you’re not the kind of person who...

~Gets happy, angry, sad, tired?

~Speaks your truth

~Is messy




~Honours your appetite?


Bring it. 

This journey gets to be gentle, delicious, disruptive or wild. 

Whatever you need it to be; as guided by your body. 

What’s whispering from the beat in your bones?


Let’s find out.

Purchase today and change your world :-). See yous soon!


Ellie Paskell. 




*NB: The art exhibition sessions will be available as MP4 video only (not MP3s), as you'll need to be able to see the pictures!


On-Demand Embodiment Retreat ~ The Radically Embodied You

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