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Hello Dear One,

If you’re feeling anxious, afraid or simply want to drop into a deep, warm pool of loveliness, this practice is for you. 


Within it you will be supported to:

~Regulate (calm) your nervous system

~Find relief from chattering thoughts

~Sink into the now

~Welcome what you feel with kindness

~Allow frightened or anxious parts of you to find peace








This guided practice offers a radical new, embodied approach to running your business. 


Whether you’ve had a business for decades or are just starting out, the 17 minute MP3 provides a solid tool of support. 

Use it to tune in and receive the buisness guidance you need.


During the Practice You Will: 

~Root into your body

~Journey to the realm of Embodied Business Support

~Release the noise of unhelpful advice

~Receive powerful, clear guidance on how to move forward in alignment with your soma

~Be empowered to experience success, nurturance, abundance, vision and joy!


Find Calm and Safety in the Body, Guided Practice

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