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Your Lifetime Access to
The Making of Doing it Deliciously
Complete Video Diary

Hello Dear One, welcome to the complete version of my unfiltered video-diary - which I made during my eight months producing the Doing it Deliciously embodiment retreat. 

These short broadcasts reveal how I run a business while in the midst of a beautiful, challenging kundalini awakening; how I'm doing my days

~While staying embodied

~While doing1 it deliciously!

May they support you to know that whatever it is your body needs - your honouring of those needs isn't an obstacle in the way of your wonderful life but part of the pathway there. 


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September 2023

🎥✨🙂 What This Video Diary is All About

An explanation of why I created this diary as I produced the Doing it Deliciously retreat. 


1. A Beautiful Beginning (or 'See You in My PJs!')

3. Our Collective ‘Work Trauma’ from Doing it Disgustingly!

4. How to Heal When You're Sick of Doing the Shiz You Hate

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October 2023

5a. My Angry Freedom Gremlin Shares Her Voice


6. Shaking off Self Doubt!!!! 24.10.23

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November 2023

7. Welcoming Miracles by Following What Feels Good! ✨🌳🪺 8.11.23

8. Healing Disgust at the Feminine in Order to Do it Deliciously

9. CLARITY & LOVE when My ‘You’re so STUPID’ Gremlin Gets Loud’

10. Compassion & Courage at a Tearful, Tender Time

11. Body Wants to REST, Mind Wants to WORK - What to do? 20.11.23

12. The Surrender to Joy Strategy (or How to Get Things Done with Joy & Flow)

13. When You’re Afraid to Rest and Need to Stop (pause, soothe, ground, trust)

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December 2023

14. Your Magical, Delicious, Loving Life - It's Coming! 01.12.23

15. Chronic Illness - How to Make it Your Doorway to Deliciousness

16a. How to Work Without Burning Out! #1

16b. How to Work Without Burning Out! #2

16c. DANCE BREAK ~ How to Work Without Burning Out! #3 30.12.23

16d. How to Work Without Burning Out #4

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January 2024

17. How to Heal Fatigue the Empowered Embodied Delicious Way

18. Soothing Pain, Hugging Vulnerability ~ Taking Deep Delicious Care of Yourself 10.01.24

19. Are Fatigue or Resistance to Activity Stopping You in Your Tracks? Watch This! 🥱 💃 🫂 11.01.24

20. ❤️ Tune into Heart Swelling Joy, & Dancing Delight!

21. Heal by Embracing Pain (or When Pain is More Delicious than Numbness)

22. Let Go of Guilt for Freedom and Ease 🌊✨! 23.01.24

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February 2024

23. Soothing Work Trauma 😥 01.02.24

24. 🌈😋 Messy Play for DELICIOUSNESS!

25. Freedom from Perfectionism 🦋😡

26a. Navigating the To Do List with LOVE When Fear’s Coming Up

26b. When You Want to Create but Your Critic is LOUD 👹 07.02.24

26c. Cultivating VISION & BELIEF When You’re in Doubt

26d. Pleasure over Perfection! 07.02.24

26e. Surrendering to Joy 07.02.24

26e. Surrendering to Joy 07.02.24

27. The Angry Masculine, Chronic Fatigue and the Traumatised Heart 10.02.24

28. When Chronic Illness is the Body Saying NO 14.02.24

29a. Navigating Kundalini Awakening while Working - HOW?!! 20.02.24

29b. Making Illness Delicious 20.02.24

30. 😢🌃 When You’re Really Struggling - How to Do it Deliciously?!

31. Healing Work Addiction and Work Trauma with Love 🧡 ✨ 🌳

32. Anger as a Healing Force #healing #vitality 

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March 2024

33. YES Work is Supposed to Feel GOOD for You

34. CONFUSED 😩🫤 About How to Do it Deliciously!

35. Deciding Whether to Rest or DO

36. 🙏🦋 Keeping the Faith when in Pain

37. Pain & ‘Illness’: Magical Gifts ✨ 🩸

38. Your Voice is Needed - Especially if You Have 'Illness' 17.03.24

40. Healing from Illness by Radically Revering Your Body-🙏 ✨

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April 2024

41. The Wonder of the Embodied Path (Even with a Black Eye!)

42. Putting Play at the Top of the To Do List 🎨 ✨

44a. Moving out of freeze or fear at work 12.04.24

44b. Healing fatigue and freeze with love 🫂 🐰 12.04.24

46. Experiencing Miracles 🪺🌈 ✨

47. The Magic of Coming Home to Yourself 🫂 ♥️ 17.04.24

48. Celebrating Our Profound Capacity for Healing!!

49. Making Money While Trusting Your Body $ £ :-)

50. If You’re Living with ‘Illness’ and You Want to Work 6.05.24

Ellie's Free Gift to You

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Join these beautiful gatherings and cultivate self love by: 


-Reconnecting to your body

-Slowing down 

-Honouring to your needs

-Reclaiming your power 



-Guided Journeys

-Tools to use in your daily life

-Opportunity receive 1:1 coaching


to claim Ellie's free gift 

Ellie's Second Free Gift to You

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'Be supported to:

~Drop into your body

~Express what you're yearning for in your life
~Discover how coaching with me, Ellie Paskell, will support you to bring it to be

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Ellie Paskell is a catalyst for self love, healing, aliveness and joy. A Somatic Soul Coach™, Mindfulness Based Stress and Pain Management teacher, creative and guide for those going through the awakening process, Ellie supports people across the globe to find freedom from societal constraints and live the song of their souls by following the guidance in their bodies.  


The first two decades of Ellie’s life saw her walk the path of an actress; performing for millions in her work on stage and screen. At 22, however, her body started to shout for attention with a debilitating fatigue that wouldn't go away. So, in 2012 - after five years of clinging to life as she knew it -  she released her acting career and fully aligned with her soul. Since that time, Ellie has spent over 40,000 hours in mindful somatic practice; listening to and healing her body and guiding others to do the same. 


Ellie now shares her work in the form of delicious global retreats, one to one coaching programs and group courses and will be there at your side when you want to heal your body, remember who you are or dance, unfettered, to the beat of your bones. 


Discover more at

To return to the main Lifetime Access Page with the experiential sessions, simply CLICK HERE (password bodyjoy )

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