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  • With this payment plan - you will pay £119 four times. Payment happens once every two weeks; once today and then three more times 


  • This Somatic Life Coaching program includes: 

  • 4 one-to-one coaching sessions with Ellie Paskell - Somatic Soul Coach™

  • Access to client portal and other resources

  • Support between sessions from Ellie Paskell (via email)

  • Support to create Soul Action so that you leave each session with body aligned action steps.



Please Note: Wix calls this a 'subscription' and it works just like a payment plan.




  • Due to the proprietary nature of the materials within this program, there are no refunds. All purchases are final. As you take this loving step and say yes to the program - it is important to be ALL IN - and the financial commitment is a key part of that.

  • You are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire Program, regardless of whether you complete the Program. Any exception to this is made entirely at the discretion of Ellie Paskell. 



The Somatic Life Coaching Program is a powerful container for you to evolve your life in the ways you most desire. It’s is a leading edge, inside-out process that’s guided by your innate intelligence - AKA the complete you - nervous system, intuition, emotions, energy and cognition. This is what creates results that are not only wonderful but sustainable.

As you craft the evolution you envisage, your body will receive constant reverence so that the changes are integrated like waves into the ocean.


Somatic Life Coaching supports you to experience embodied transformation in your life. It is a body centred process that supports you to gain greater access to the innate intelligence inside you.


This is an approach to coaching that is backed by neuroscience and grounded in the ancient flow of wisdom that’s present within every body.



NB: The way Wix talks about the subscription payment may make it seem as if you'll make five payments but I assure you it will only be four.


Payment Plan - 4 x Somatic Life Coaching - Program

Price Options
SLC x 4
Payment Plan
£119.00every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
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