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Your Embodied Clarity Session is a coaching session of 60-80 minutes in which you will:


~Contact the deep, undeniable truth that lives within your body

~Give it reverence, freedom and voice

~Receive a clear, embodied action or inaction step which moves you forward in a way that:

-Honours what you feel

-Perpetuates health

-Cultivates self love

-Serves your truest desires for your life


Further outcomes of the session can include:

~Discovering the sacred messages contained within the symptoms/sensations in your felt sense

~Learning what’s blocking you from bringing your desires into being and how to dissolve those blocks



Your Embodied Clarity Session is grounded in the modality of Somatic Life Coaching which supports you to experience embodied transformation in your life. It's a body centred process through which you'll gain greater access to the innate intelligence inside you.


This is an approach to coaching that is backed by neuroscience and grounded in the ancient flow of wisdom that’s present within the body.


Somatic Lofe Coaching Sessions provide a powerful container for you to evolve your life in the ways you most desire. It’s an inside-out process that’s guided by your innate intelligence - AKA the complete you - nervous system, intuition, emotions, energy and cognition. This is what creates results that are not only wonderful but sustainable.

As you craft the evolution you envisage, your body will receive constant reverence so that the changes are integrated like waves into the sea.





If you need to reschedule your session I ask for a week's notice, please. I will, however, do my best to reschedule your session with less notice, if I'm able. 


Sessions are charged at the full rate where less than 72 hours notice is given.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 



PLEASE NOTE- the purchase page requires your address for payment processing (not shipping).





Embodied Clarity Session (SL)

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