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#vulnerableleadership . Yesterday at my five rhythms dance…

#vulnerableleadership . Yesterday at my five rhythms dance class, I heard someone say they’d felt ‘vulnerable and fragile and, simultaneously, strong and amazing’ and the words resounded right down to my small toe. . It doesn’t feel right for me to teach from a place of ‘I’m fixed now, so I’ll teach you’ … and I’m wanting to stand in the truth of my life. Truth being that it’s a process filled with strength AND fear; and by allowing the fear to be, it adds to my stability. Life’s a thing I’m journeying in; dancing and flying and falling and crying and laughing one moment to the next. And I’ve never been healthier or more resilient. . Over and over I hear a gentle whisper to ‘share what’s true’. Not just the happy smiley bits, but the rest of my life. I look at my Instagram feed and it’s rosy and bright; which represents much of my world but not all of it. . Ahh maaaan’ (scoffs my ego) ‘come on Ellie! You may as well go do some reality T.V. show, if you want to share your truth (#vom)’. . Let’s be clear about this – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reality tv – each to their own. But it’s not my thing… so, I ask myself… what IS my thing? Elizabeth Gilbert, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson… they’re my thing; they’re teachers who’ve shared stories from their lives and helped me heal. And at the core of my wanting to show my true self sits heart glowing joy; a sense of vitality and freedom and the desire to help others. So let’s do this 😌🙃😀😮 however it may look.

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