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Today I followed my intuition and OOOOOH LOOK WHERE IT LEAD…

Today I followed my intuition and OOOOOH LOOK WHERE IT LEAD ME. . To sun and rays and water and magic and mmmmmm teeeeeea in a new cafe bakery. . Yes – whispers my inner wise one – this is how it works. Let go of books and schedules, to do lists and the like . Fall into your body. This is what you’re after. All that fun and play and pleasure and presence you desire; it’s on your feeling path. Feeeeel into what you want and lead that lead you. What guidance do you receive when you take a moment to breathe into your body, your felt sense, sweet one? . For me, my felt sense guided me to step away from my computer – and to release from the voice that said ‘to do list first, please’ … then my kind, warm inner knowing spoke (in her silver toned magic voice) ‘Go out… take your car…’ and then (once if sat in the drivers seat, intending to go somewhere else): ‘Pollen Bakery’. So a Google and a curiosity-filled drive later and I am here. Soaking up happiness. Feeling inspired, revitalised, flowing with knowing, self love and passion. YEEEEEEEAH for life. Yeesssssss for body-lead living. Yesssss for somatics. Yes yes yes. . #lifeisbeautiful #bodylead #bodyleadlife #somaticliving #somatic #somatics #selflove #joy #presence #peace #awakening #newway #spiritjunkie #bodyasgod #alliswell #lifeismagical #ifttt @pollenbakery

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