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The words ‘self love’… sometimes… make me do a…

The words ‘self love’… sometimes… make me do a small internal ‘yuck’ dance. . But here’s the thing; . Self . Love . Is . The . S*@t. . It’s the source of all positive emotion, the source of all power and that which all love for others grows from. When we appreciate who we truly are…. that’s when life fizzles; that’s when we get the awesome ideas, the confidence and the pow. . I know they don’t tell us this in school. That’s because schools are part of the system that believes we must beat ourselves with (metaphorical) sticks in order to get things done. That’s okay. In the past we didn’t know any better. . But, nevertheless, what that old system says Is. A. Lie. . The time for this way of thinking has run its course. . Now’s time for the ‘mmmmm’ way, the ‘yessssssss’s way; the ‘lets choose what we do according to How. It. Feeeeeeels.’ way. . We create our best creations when we are loving to ourselves because that’s when we’re in flow with that which created us. That being positive energy. That being awesomeness. That being love. . How to get in this flow of self appreciation? Cancel a plan that feels rubbish and ask yourself ‘how would you reeeeeeally like to spend this time, sweet one?’. Go on. I dare ya. . #selflove #beauty #lifeisbeautiful #lightworker #emergingproud #thenewway #alliswell (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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