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So lovely to delve into our recipe files and find this one, this…

So lovely to delve into our recipe files and find this one, this week. ‘Ballies’ are something my Granny made and, so, serve as a reminder of ancestry and warm, unchanging lineage. Right now is all about getting rooted, for me. Remembering, reclaiming, celebrating what I am both above and below the surface. The world seems wild; filled with upheavals and fierce winds and my heart’s whispering ‘root in, dear one’. . I’ve always been a light creature; both in size and energy. But the past five years have called for me to balance that out. Which has looked (and continues to look) like facing rage, allowing past hurts to come to the surface to be claimed and released and, most recently, to put down roots. Mindfully, energetically, physically in all kinds of ways; making peace with where I come from, releasing resentments and visualising/feeling roots from my feet to the earth’s core. I am so much more than my physical body and ‘visualisation’ has a powerful effect on my energetic self. So, in my minds eye, with my sixth senses, with my feeeeling self I am putting down roots. . “Ballies” are a WWII ration-time recipe; oats, cocoa, sugar and marge were available during that time and, having made them back then, Granny taught us what to do; I remember us all sitting around the kitchen table (faces chocolatey) rolling mixture into balls and covering them in sugar over and over again. Chocolatey, oaty, historical awesomeness. . #yum #baking #foodie #familycooking #love #roots #lineage #spiritjunkie #forgiveness #rooting #lightworkers #indigo #alliswell #cooking #mindfulmaking (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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