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How are you relating to yourself right now, sweet one? I’m…

How are you relating to yourself right now, sweet one? I’m celebrating my body today; the miracle that is this physical vessel. I didn’t make it… but here it is (!)… It’s wild to be a human being. . So I’ve been playing with movement and breath and confusion. . I’m deeply aware of when my attention is within my own being – when I’m present with sensation, pleasure, with what serves me and when my attention’s outward; scanning those around&about for what they might like me to be. I’m aware of how this affects every layer of my body; how parts of me freeze and stretch and pose, soon as I imagine others’ eyes watching. I can see, in this video, when I’m flowing with sensation and when I’m self conscious. . And about this is feel ‘baaaaaa!!!!!’ . A part of me is so desperate to be ‘freeeeeeeeeee!’ from ANY thoughts of what others might think. Part of me is terrified to let those thoughts go. . This is where I am. And it’s glorious. . And, with that, I take a breath. Remembering to welcome myself exactly as I am. All of the psyche and body and feels. . I invite you to do the same, sweet one. . Here you are – miraculous – with breath and clarity and confusion; with what could be called ‘beauty’ and what could be called ‘unattractive’. I love all of these parts of you – wondrous one. This is your JUICE. I love your fear and joy and clarity and all of the ‘baaaaaaa!’ feelings. Dance with them. Dance with them, knowing my heart dances as you do. . #somaticsoulcoach #somaticliving #fiverhythms #5rhythms #selflove #dance #authenticmovement #wellbeingcoach #peace #freedom #alive #human #bodylead #ifttt (at The Art Of Tea)

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