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For hundreds and thousands of years humans have pushed their…

For hundreds and thousands of years humans have pushed their emotions down. So many wars; so many big ol’ scary occurrences and we had to ‘keep calm to carry on’. So fear got pushed away; hidden under pulsing invisibility cloaks in our bodies. One cloak for anger, another for sadness, perhaps. We all store things differently. . Our grandparents and great great great grandparents kept feelings in – for survival. This was necessary and noble and perfect at that time. . Many of us here now have a different mission. We came to feel; to allow the unfurling of our emotional intelligence. . And why? . Because feelings tell us where to go and what to do, sweet one. They are our sensory compass; the felt-sense map within. Which we – the human race – had largely lost touch with and, hence, the planet’s in a bit of a mess. . Enter (cue fanfare!) The Feelers; now living in this world at this time – coming to a town near you! Or (likely, if you’re reading this) this IS you. Those of us brave enough to tread this planet while having emotions. And hence – a breakout in what’s being called ‘mental health’ conditions has arisen. Yup, it’s quite a shock when those internal rivers get moving. And I’m here to say: . It’s . All . Okay. . The feelings are needed. Not easy, but needed. I do not have all the answers, but I do have this nugget; . Allow your feelings, sweet one. Bow to them. They are sacred like you. Stay alive, vital, flowing and healthy. One emotion is always a doorway to the next – just as one wave leads to another in the ocean. And that next wave might be joy. At some point, it will always be joy. You are where you need to be. . #andbreathe . #emotionalintelligence #innateintelligence #radicalacceptance #selflove #allowing #presence #mentalhealth #magicallife #hereandnow #alliswell #spiritjunkie #spiritualemergence #emotions #allowingemotions #somatic #somaticlifestyle #wellbeing #embodiedlife #ifttt (at Prestwich)

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