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Follow the body. Even - and especially - when it comes to business and money.

I’ve watched myself, as I’ve run my coaching business these past five years, dancing with limiting beliefs such as "I know I'm all about following the body (but!) work means me having to PUSH. At some point I have to grit my teeth, buckle down, ignore my inner knowings and





While there's a place for following the know-how of others, what I'm looking for, to truly live the deliciousness of life, is balance.

Balance, aliveness and body-aligned flow.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned, these past years, is to trust my way of doing things. Not only when I’m dancing or decorating, baking or resting but when I’m ‘working’; building a website, coaching clients or structuring a session.

YES I CAN take the action I need to take while prioritising what feels good. I've put my ebbs and flows, my needs and edges, my booty and body at the centre of my business and watched in wonder as it's grown.

Everything you do, dear {!firstname_fix}; whether rest, work, business or play happens at the most



Joyous level,

When you begin by connecting to your body.

And, yet, many of us live according to the lie that “doing work and making money means going against what feels good.”


It's time to return to the undeniable truth that: in order to create lives that feel like love, we must align with the loving flow inside. And we must do this even - and especially - when it comes to business and money.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur or just starting out; the core spark of your business emanates from your individuality; a key part of your knowing flows from your soul.

There’s a voice within, guiding you along a path both practical and ALIVE and I’m here to support you to trust that voice so that work, business and money become body-lead arenas in your life.

In this transformational era, we're called to reclaim the essence of wealth, creation and commerce to





So if you’re seeking business-guidance at this time; if you’d like embodied direction on:

~What's next for your business

~Product/course creation

~Financial flow

~Work-life balance

~Or something else

I’m excited to tell you that I've created a guided practice to support you to to receive exactly that!

This MP3 offers a radical new, embodied approach to doing what you do. So, whether you’ve had a business for decades or are just starting out, this practice provides a solid tool of support.

During the Practice You Will:

~Root into your body

~Release the noise of unhelpful advice

~Journey to the realm of Embodied Business Support

~Receive powerful, clear guidance on how to move forward

~Be empowered to experience success, nurturance, abundance and joy!

To access this recorded journey,


Thank you for being here, doing what you do. I'm delighted to be offering this tool and excited for you to receive it.

If you'd like be supported to tune in and receive embodied business guidance whenever you need, I invite you to go ahead and treat yourself to this magic :).

With kindness and fire,

Ellie Paskell

Somatic Soul Coach


Embodied Revolutionary


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