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As I stood barefoot on the Earth today, and sensed the energy of…

As I stood barefoot on the Earth today, and sensed the energy of this . Magical . Wonderful . Planet we live on . I felt energy running up my legs and arms, hands and heart. . Mmmmmmmmmmm. . The ancients knew – forever – that in order to keep our planet healthy and to maintain our reciprocal relationship with her – in which we reap food, a home, trees, oxygen (etc etc etc) we need to give back. We need to love her and she loves us, to nourish her as she loves us and channel our gratitude down down down into the soil. . Sound crazy? Yup, a number of years ago this would have done to me, too. But if you’ve been following my posts and lives, you’ll know I’ve had an energetic awakening in which I now experience energy in me, others, objects and all else – as plainly as I experience the nose on your face. Or my face. Or your face if you were here. Hehe. Hmm. I digress. . And because I experience this energy; I understand the effect the energy of love has on matter. On our hearts, our health, on animals, plants and planets. So love on her angels. I welcome you to love on the earth. Even quietly. Whisper it into the carpet if you need – tell her why you’re grateful she exists. Lie on her if it feels right – go out to the woods and dance in (or out) of your wellies. I dare you. . #freedom #allowing #presence #onemomentatatime #compassion #selflove #blossoming #truth #integrity #elliepaskell #ifttt #rewilding #indigo #spiritjunkie #earthmother #motherearth #planetprayers #energyellie (at New York, New York)

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