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Are you OVER being ashamed of what you feel and need?  If…

Are you OVER being ashamed of what you feel and need? 

If you’re a sensitive being, gracing this planet with your potent intuition, it’s likely you’ve learned to hide your gifts. It’s even possible that you’ve lived your life being ashamed of them. 

What a pile of shizz. 

For millennia, as the patriarchal ways have risen with their ‘do do do’ nature and focus on the intellect; our soft, cyclical, wildly wise elements of the Divine Feminine have been shunned. 

So we’ve ended up in an upside down ridiculous situation. In order to be happy and balanced; in order to manifest a world that feels like love, it’s necessary for ALL elements of us to have voice.  Yes to the mind, yes to the body; yes to though, feeling, the wild and the structured… But we’ve been walking around – individually and collectively – like a creature missing a leg.  We’ve lost touch with our hearts and wombs, haras and spines. We’ve detached from the voice of the earth and the knowings of our bones. We’ve confined powerful pieces of ourselves that we learned didn’t fit.

And the external patriarchy doesn’t need to keep encouraging us to berate these pieces of our beings, because we’ve internalised its shaming script, ourselves.  Silencing our own emotions and impulses, layering on our make up, tightening our tops or smiling when we need to cry because we believe, in our own minds, that our native needs are wrong.

If this is resonating, you’re invited to my live session, this Tuesday, which is free to attend: Powerful Pieces of You  ~Release shame ~Reclaim your uniqueness ~Let the Radically Embodied You take the lead, no matter what! 

Tuesday 5th April 4:30 pm UK / 11:30 am NYC 

If you’re new to my work – you can take your place at Tuesday’s session by registering for it at the ‘newsletter’ link in my insta bio, or go to And know I’ll only ever send you the choicest of newsletters, filled with somatic nourishment and embodied magic!

And if you’ve already registered for my sessions or retreats you’ll have receive the joining details for Tuesday’s session already!

See you soon <3. 

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