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Your Embodied Revelation Session 

~ Contact the deep, undeniable truth that lives within your body 

~ Give it reverence, freedom and voice 

~Receive a clear action or inaction step which moves you forward in a way that: 


-Serves your deepest desires

-Honours who you truly are

-Perpetuates health

-Cultivates love


~Further outcomes of the session can include: 

-Finding freedom from what’s blocking you from bringing your desires into being (and how to dissolve those blocks)

-Remembering 'Yes I can!'

-Discovering the sacred messages contained within the sensations/symptoms in your body

 You'll Receive

~ A 60 - 75 minute one to one Somatic Life Coaching session with me, Ellie Paskell

~ A downloadable audio-recording of your session

~ A clear, empowered action or inaction step which moves you forward in a way that: 


-Serves your deepest desires for your life 

-Honours your soul

Your Embodied revelation Session forwards you, deliciously, on your path of life that feels the way you came here to feel. No more living according to the expectations of others or compromising your aliveness. This is a leading edge, inside-out process that’s guided by your body, nervous system and soul.

Sessions with me support you to nourish the elements of your world that are most precious to you. Whether that's your health, work life, relationships or something else, you’ll do so by reconnecting to your innate intelligence; the knowings in your cells, heart, belly and bones.

Perhaps there's a tapping in your gut you're ready to respond to; a soul-aligned career you need to create or you’ve a health condition it's time to heal. I'll support you to follow your body's voice by stepping out of the constraints of your mind and opening to what you know.

If you're curious to connect with me and discover how I could support you on your path, simply


During Your Session I Will Guide You to:

  • Feel

  • Regulate your nervous system 

  • Engage with your emotions in a brand new way 

  • Honour your body's wisdom 

  • Become familiar with your values and belief systems for agency and delight

Somatic Life Coaching
is for You When You're Ready to: 

~Craft the life that's aligned with your soul

~Honour the undeniable truth in your heart


~Find freedom from self doubt

~Connect with your body in a whole new way

~Live in integrity

~Follow what feels good

~Empower the part of you that wants to see you fly

Woman in Red Dress

"When I began sessions with Ellie, my life was at a standstill due to a period of chronic fatigue. Having been guided to connect with my soma, I was able to listen to my body's wisdom and hear what I really needed. 

I have discovered a deep respect for what my body needs through our sessions; letting go of societies expectations and hearing my own needs. The result of which is that I am, now, recovered and planning my return to work. I feel quite transformed thanks to these coaching sessions. It's been magical!"


Uncovering Blocks

  • The session holds space for you to uncover:

    ~What elements of your soma have been preventing you from spreading your wings.

  • This may will include uncovering your: ​

    ~Limiting beliefs

    ~Inner critics

    ~Disconnection from emotions

    Once you're aware of these limiting elements within, your are supported to lessen their power and find freedom! 

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Your Embodied Revelation Session happens within the modality of Somatic Life Coaching:

Finding Freedom!

  • During your session you will meet and empower the parts of your soma that know you can.

  • These are the parts of you that:

~Support you to live as you fiercely desire

    ~Bring healing

    ~See you only with love

    ~Honour your embodied knowings

    ~Know it's time for you to live from your soul

    ~Know you are here to live a life that feels delicious


The loving elements of your soma are

empowered as you utilise your capacity for:

  • Self directed neuroplasticity

  • Nervous system regulation (calm)

  • Connection to your innate intelligence

  • Embodied delight


Welcoming All of You Home

  • Over the course of your life, elements of your being have been shut away. Perhaps you've hidden sadness, shame, or locked your exuberance up tight.


  • Now's the time for all of you to be here. 

  • As we work together, you'll discover the parts of your soma that are ready and eager to return. 

  • With this returning comes health, empowerment and unspeakable joy.

  • ~During Your Session

  • You'll craft what I call Soul Action or Soul Play (body aligned action or inaction steps) to carry out in the 14 days after we meet.

  • This may be gentle and internal (eg working with your emotions or welcoming rest) or external and bold (e.g. creating a business or speaking your truth). 

"I’ve worked with Ellie Paskell for the last 6 months because I needed to interpret the messages that my body sends and, as part of a long journey with chronic fatigue syndrome, had completely forgotten about joy and needed to re engage with it.


Ellie held space, beautifully, for me to explore how to do this safely.

She helped me to re engage with parts of myself that I had forgotten and buried and, as a result of this coaching programme I became aware of patterns that were draining me. An example of which was that I had a great need to keep up with people around me so, therefore, completely drained my battery and didn’t set realistic boundaries! This contributed to fatigue. So now I can be authentic and set my baseline at my level; I trust my own feelings and can tune into what my soma is telling me. 


I am a 60 year woman who accepts herself as she is for probably the first time in her people pleasing life, with no shame! I am celebrating this. 

This is very much an ongoing journey which is both fascinating and exciting.

Many thanks, Ellie."



"Each session took me to a different part of myself - from the wise, clear vantage point of love.  Each session was a chance to gather in a lost or misunderstood part of me and bring it home."


"Ellie handles each coaching session with consummate skill, great tenderness and unflinching directness.

Also she is extremely well organised and enables a smooth and also forensic transition from one session to the next, helping you to keep in touch by email between sessions.

I highly recommend her work."

Hilary Sinclair


"I am a great analyser, I try and figure things out in my mind or see things from a spiritual perspective, but Ellie kept guiding me back to my soma, where the real wisdom was to be found. The things I had been bypassing were brought to my attention in a state of acceptance and love. She also set me goals to achieve which were incredibly helpful and helped me bring these changes physically into the world."


"I knew that Ellie could offer me what I needed, namely a much better connection to my body and awareness of it.

In the six months I have been working with her she has abundantly shown the truth of that, and guided me towards full body, conscious awareness."

Hilary Sinclair

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