Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Craft Your Life from the Enormous Power Within

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Coaching with me will evolve your life in radical, body-lead ways.

Coaching Programs include:

  • Private life coaching sessions of 60 minutes 

  • Email support from me between sessions

  • Creation of Somatic Soul Action so that you leave sessions with inspired, aligned action steps

  • Support from a coach who honours your wisdom

There are different time-frame options, to suit your needs. 

During a program with me, you will be guided to:

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that feels amazing and brings vitality! 

  • Deeply connect to your body

  • Grow your emotional intelligence

  • Nourish your wellness

  • Step into your magnificence

What sets somatic life coaching apart from other modalities is that it works consciously with your body and nervous system as well as your cognition. It with the complete you -  one breath at a time.

This is how you get results that are not only awesome but sustainable.

As you evolve your life in the ways you desire, your body will receive constant reverence so that newness is integrated like waves into the ocean.