This next video is on the topic of 'Healing Trauma with Somatics' . 

Have a watch, my love. 

During this 45 minute session , you're invited to open to nourishment and inspiration with short guided practices and a magical discussion.



In the video I, Ellie Paskell, and Moon Teitel discuss the powerful healing that's possible when we open to the body's guidance. Topics touched on include:

-This time of mass awakening on our planet

-The meaning and physiology of trauma

-How to find support if you think you have trauma to heal

-Self Kindness

-The magic of the healing process


The interview is hosted by wellness coach Moon Teitel. Moon and I are both coaches for the Women's Wellness Circle and this interview was created, initially, for the wonderful women within that community. May you be soothed, inspired and supported to know you're part of an amazing, awakening world. 

This spring, I shared live on the topic of 'Reverence for the Body as a Path to Healing' . 

This was a powerful, heart & gut lead webinar in which we touched on:


~ How the body speaks to us through sensations and symptoms

~ How to welcome all parts of ourselves just as we are

~ Working with anger and self-forgiveness on the path of healing

To watch the replay of this magic, click here! 

I was recently interviewed on the topic of 'Evolving Body, Evolving World'' . 

This is a powerful broadcast in which I share what’s really going on in the bodies of many who have ‘chronic illness’ at this time.

In the interview Frances Goodall and I covered:


-How to catalyse your healing by opening to what your body’s doing RIGHT

-How to step into self respect, joy and power in the midst of health challenges

-How your healing journey is a vital part of the healing of our World 




Enjoy :-D


This video was originally created for members of The Women’s Wellness Circle. I’m so happy to be sharing it, now, with you.