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1:1 Mindfulness Coaching 

Come into the now, revolutionise your life.

This 4 Month Coaching Program will powerfully evolve your life.

It's a unique system that combines mindfulness with somatic life coaching to take you forward with what you truly desire in life.


The Coaching Program includes:

  • 9 private life coaching sessions - 60 minute sessions bi-weekly

  • Guidance and MP3s to support you in practicing mindfulness, daily

  • Email support from me between sessions

  • Creation of weekly soul action so that you leave sessions with inspired action steps

You will be guided by me to:

  • Practice mindfulness to let go the ‘mind chatter’ and

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that feels right to you

  • Listen to your body

  • Nourish your health and ease stress

  • Step into your awesomeness

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This Powerful Process​

combines somatic life coaching with mindfulness practice. What sets somatic coaching apart from other modalities is that it works with your body and nervous system as well as your cognition. 

The power of becoming present (being mindful) and of taking action from this place of presence (as guided by somatic coaching) is immense. From here, we step forward as a complete human being and amazing things happen. 

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